Each day between 2 and 5 December at 08.00 GMT all the lectures that should have been presented at the “in room” congress on that same day will be made available and will remain available until April 15

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Wednesday 2nd December 2020

08:30 Wednesday 2nd

HALL 5 GYNENDO Scholarship Course 08:30–13:30
Ultrasound in Gynecology and Obstetrics (scholarship01) Scholarship-course 1 (reserved to scholarship awardees)

Chairperson/s: Andrea Genazzani

  • Charles Sultan Puberal maturation and its disorders
  • Alessandro Genazzani Insulin signaling and metabolic syndrome
  • Blazej Meczekalski The functional hypothalamic amenorrhea
  • Peter Chedraui The peri-menopause: risks and management
  • Mark Brincat The post-manopausal hormone therapy

09:00 Wednesday 2nd

HALL 1 GREM Opening Ceremony 09:00–18:00
Opening Ceremony

15:30 Wednesday 2nd

HALL 1 GREM Sponsored Opening Symposium 15:30–17:10

    18:00 Wednesday 2nd

    HALL 1 GREM Opening Lecture 18:00–18:30
    Neuroendocrinology, Menopause/Osteoporosis (OL01) Novel neuroendocrine regulators: from puberty to hot flushes (the Frederick Naftolin Lecture)

    • Richard Anderson Novel neuroendocrine regulators: from puberty to hot flushes

    18:30 Wednesday 2nd

    HALL 1 GREM Opening Lecture 18:30–19:00
    Obstetrics (OL02) Embryo as the driving force for successful reproduction: role of Pre Implantation Factor (PIF) (the Bruno Lunenfeld Lecture)

    • Eytan Barnea Embryo as the driving force for successful reproduction: role of Pre Implantation Factor (PIF)

    19:00 Wednesday 2nd

    Poster Area Poster Session 19:00–21:00

    • Yun Feng P001 The Effectiveness of Different Treatments in Cycle Regulation of Women with Abnormal Uterine Bleeding Related to Ovulatory Dysfunction: A Single Center, Retrospective, Comparative Study in China
    • Laura dos Anjos miR-145-5p expression can be useful for uterine fibroids and leiomyosarcoma differential diagnosis
    • Laura dos Anjos P314 CD82 expression and CD63 inactivation seems to inhibit malignant potential in metastatic and no-metastatic vulvar cancer cells
    • Bruna De Almeida miR-186-5p overexpression may predict the malignancy risk in uterine smooth muscle tumors
    • Isabela Faria INSR and IRS1 regulation by microRNA in uterine smooth muscle tumor cells
    • Luís Sakamoto P283 Levonorgestrel intrauterine system (ius) in treatment of leiomyoma and adenomyosis symptomatic women.
    • Luís Sakamoto P116 Damage reduction through etonogestrel implant in prevention of unplanned pregnancy in illicit drugs users in the cracolândia, são paulo.
    • Attila L. Major P321 Efficacy on cytological findings. i.e. ASC-US, LSIL, ASC-H, and HSIL of an environment modifying vaginal gel – novel management for the prevention of cervical cancer: a subanalysis of a randomized controlled trial.
    • Vira Pyrohova P264 Vitamin d deficiency and chronic endometritis as predictors of endometrial hyperplasia
    • Ana Costa P017 Satisfaction on the use of an oral combined hormonal contraceptive containing 2 mg dienogest / 0.030 mg ethinylestradiol (Sibilla®) for the treatment of moderate acne, first results from a Portuguese population.
    • Marcel Bäumler P165 EnvoyScreening and Diagnosis of the fetal profil
    • Marija Gjorgoska P315b Studies of estrogen formation in model cell lines of ovarian and endometrial cancer
    • Alain Dury P300b Intravaginal prasterone (DHEA) does not increase serum levels of estrogens in women treated with an aromatase inhibitor for breast cancer – results from a pilot study.
    • Céline Bouchard P288b Characterization of vaginal and vulvar vestibule biopsies on healthy premenopausal women for the study of the vaginal and vulvar vestibule mucosae: A pilot study
    • Alain Dury P299b Absence of detrimental impact of treating women diagnosed with vulvovaginal atrophy (VVA) with intravaginal prasterone (DHEA) on the risk of breast cancer: A retrospective matched cohort study.
    • Carmen Cuevas Castillo P310b 0.005% estriol vaginal gel improves sexual function in postmenopausal women with vulvovaginal atrophy
    • Marcos Javier Cuerva González P292b Efficacy of 0.005% estriol vaginal gel through the initial days of treatment
    • Rachel Rubin P308b. Prevalence of Urinary Tract Infections in Women with Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause and the Impact of Vaginal Prasterone on Urinary Tract Infections.
    • María Cruz P009b Does HP-hMG decrease miscarriage rate vs rFSH in preimplantation genetic testing cycles?
    • Sofia Zettermark P113b Teenagers, immigrants and women with previous mental illness could be more sensitive to mood effects of hormonal contraception: an intersectional multilevel analysis
    • Elitsa Gyokova P193b Determining preterm labour through fetal fibronectin and phosphorylated insulin-like growth factor binding protein-1 tests – which to choose?
    • Natallia Skuratovich P142b Association of thyroid antibody positivity with adverse pregnancy outcomes in the first trimester after IVF programs.
    • Dejan Mihajlovic P79b. Vitamin-mineral supplementation as a new therapeutic approach to metabolic syndrome- a case report
    • Viktoriia Vahnier P248b Features of reproductive hormonal profile of servicewomen in the current war environment
    • Robert Z. Spaczynski P322b The logistic regression model with HD-flow analysis for preoperative diagnosis of ovarian tumors.
    • Galina Chernukha P039 PCOS susceptibility loci in Russian Population
    • Irina Zazerskaya P182 The effectiveness of cholecalciferol in the treatment of postpartum osteopenia.
    • Merita Krasniqi P182b Neurofibromatosis Morbus Recklinghausen in pregnancy – Case report from Kosovo
    • Charlotte Thieffry P248 Investigating pathogenesis of endometriosis with AG-205, an alleged PGRMC1 inhibitor
    • Anna Loktionova P002 Functional test with gonadotropin-releasing hormone analog in the diagnosis of female central hypogonadism
    • Griselda Reyes Torres P003 Antimüllerian hormone by specific age in a group of Latin American women treated in a fertility center in Mexico
    • Akmal Hisyam Arshad P004 Ca125 level as a predictor for successful implantation in soft stimulation ivf-icsi cycle: a prospective study
    • Jasdev Singh Harbhajan Singh P005 Men In Dilemma: A Case of Persistent Mullerian Duct Syndrome
    • Alina Ivanova P006 Features of gonadotropic and ovarian functions among patients with chronic disorders consciousness
    • Vitaliy Zabolotnov P009 From failure of luteal phase to hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian dysfunction
    • Diana Martins P010 When effective medical treatment of a macroprolactinoma fails to correct infertility – a case report of a successful assisted reproduction approach
    • Svetlana Vorotnikova P011 Kisspeptin level in patients with resistant prolactinomas before and after tamoxifen treatment
    • Muhammad Azrai Abu P012 Early luteal phase gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist support before vitrified-thawed embryo transfers during artificial cycles
    • Youngmee Kim P014 Comparisons of half-does GnRH antagonist versus one-does protocols in IVF accounting for patient type
    • Michael Dayrit P018 Fertility and conception in a patient with virilizing adrenocortical carcinoma: a case report
    • Giulia Giacomelli P020 The effects of testosterone undecanoate with placebo or Dutasteride on muscoloscheletric system and body composition in transmen: a pilot randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled trial
    • Andre Rotmann P021 DHEA and sexuality in elderly people
    • Eldar Sharifulin P022 The Leydig cell steroid tumor in a postmenopausal woman with clinical and laboratory hyperandrogenism ( a case report)
    • Lara Tiranini P023 Functional hypothalamic amenorrhea: a model to understand the implications of hypoandrogenism in women’s sexual function
    • Osaretin Pamela Aigbogun P024 An intricated cause of hypogonadotropic hypogonadism
    • Lívia Carvalho P025 Combined oral contraceptive as hormone therapy: effect on bone mass of women with premature ovarian insufficiency. Case-control study
    • Ivana Eremici P026 Non-anorectic functional amenorrhea in young women
    • Jenaro Kristesashvili P028 Sexual Development Disorders (SDD) in Patients with Primary Amenorrhea and/or Delayed Sexual Development
    • Iulia Potorac P029 Premature ovarian insufficiency and Cushing’s disease
    • Magdalena Stankovic P030 Premature ovarian infufficiency and menstrual cycle characteristics
    • Olga Valikova P032 The muscle changes of patients with premature ovarian failure in the combined therapy
    • Beata Vida P033 Swyer syndrome: A rare form of genetic-based primary ovarian insufficiency
    • Mohd Faizal Ahmad P034 In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Pregnancy Outcome from Two Cohorts Women: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) Women and Unexplained Infertility
    • Mohd Faizal Ahmad P035 Low antimullirean hormone (AMH) among polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) women: is that possible?
    • Silvia Cristal Cabrera Sanchez P037 Association of hirsutism and hiperandrogenism in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome at the Ginecological endocrinology clinic in the Hospital Juarez de Mexico
    • Pablo Carpintero P038 Metabolic changes and First Sexual Intercourse in Adolescents with PCOS in a Greater Buenos Aires population.
    • Zhuli Dou P040 Successful conception of a PCOS patient induced by pulsatile GnRH after failed ovulatory induction using letrozole: a case report
    • Janko Dumanovic P041 The influence of insulin resistance and body mass on lipid profile and liver enzyme in hyperandrogenic women with polycystic ovary syndrome
    • Lana Dzhanashvili P042 Role of polycystic ovary syndrome and obesity in morbidity pattern among women with endometrial cancer applied for assisted reproductive technologies
    • Marion Eckert-Krause P042b. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is more than a fertility issue – Can lifestyle change and reducing weight solve the infertility problem?
    • Dóra Gerszi P044 Effect of vitamin D deficiency on estrogen, insulin and acetylcholine induced vasodilatation and receptor expression of large vessels in rat model of polycystic ovary syndrome
    • Muqing Gu P045 Tolerability of Ethinyl Estradiol/Cyproterone acetate (EE/CPA) in the management of PCOS patients
    • Liliane Herter P046 Three ovarian torsions in a prepubertal girl with precocious polycystic ovarian appearance
    • Nevena Ilic Pasquali P048 The effect of vitamin D replacement therapy on insulin resistance and hyperandrogenism in adolescents with polycystic ovary syndrome
    • Munmun Islam P049 Diverse spectrum of presentation of infertile women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) attending Gynae Outpatient Department (OPD) of a tertiary care hospital, Dhaka
    • Maria Khmil P050 Hormonal imbalance and body mass index in women with infertility due to polycystic ovary syndrome
    • Khedidja Mekki P052 Effects of fish oil omega-3 fatty acid supplementation on cardiometabolic biomarkers in women with polycystic ovary syndrome and metabolic syndrome.
    • Md. Shahed Morshed P053 Association between Insulin Resistance and Ovarian Morphology in Women with PCOS
    • liangshan mu P054 Non-coding RNAs in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: A Systematic Review
    • Akanksha Nautiyal P055 Evaluation of polycystic ovarian syndrome among young females attending a tertiary care centre
    • Svetlana Pavlioukova P056 Effect of vitamin D supplementation on psychological dysfunction in vitamin D deficient polycystic ovary syndrome women
    • Svetlana Pavlioukova P057 Effect of medical therapy of polycystic ovary syndrome in young adolescent girls
    • Shuang Qin P058 A study on the relationship between the six sex hormones of mature follicle and pregnancy in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome
    • Camila Ribeiro P059 Methylation pattern of the promoter region of POMC and FTO genes in patients with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: a case-control study.
    • Eleonora Romani P060 Metabolic, imaging and hormonal parameters correlate with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
    • Chiara Sabbadin P061 Long-term effects of spironolactone treatment in PCOS patients
    • Vladislav Taranov P062 Comprehensive assessment of the glycosaminoglycans effect on the hemostatic system in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome
    • Olga Valikova P063 The frequency of diabetes mellitus during pregnancy of patients with PCOS in Primorsky Krai
    • Binhong Wang P064 Study on the changes of hormone levels in early pregnancy of polycystic ovary syndrome and its influence on the outcome of early pregnancy
    • Hong Zang P065 Health-Related Quality of Life Assessment in Chinese Women with PCOS using Chi-PCOSQ
    • Paola Disla Gomez P066 Frequency of insulin resistance in polycystic ovary syndrome by homeostatic model assessment (homa), endocrinology gynecological maternity hospital our lady of altagracia
    • Paweł Bartnik P067 Association between bariatric surgery and contraceptive use, menstruation, and clinical presentation of hyperandrogenism – a case-control study.
    • Giulia Ferri P068 Effects of Alpha-lipoic Acid and Myoinositol Supplementation on the Oocyte Environment of Obese Infertile Women
    • Maryna Hlamazda P070 The effect of bariatric surgery on the menopause
    • Dinara Irnazarova P072 Cardiovascular risk factors in women with uterine fibroid after embolization of uterine arteries
    • Kateryna Kondratiuk P073 Assessment of endotoxemia in women of reproductive age with obesity and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease associated with menstrual cycle disorders
    • Iryna Kostitska P074 Metabolic Syndrome is associated Subclinical hypothyroidism in women with type 2 diabetes mellitus
    • Presiyana Nyagolova P075 Superoxide Dismutase in Women with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2
    • Monika Pencuła P076 Relationship between resistin and clinicopathological characteristics of ovarian cancer patients
    • Eldar Sharifulin P077 Associations of obesity, C-reactive protein, leptin and chronic endometritis in women of reproductive age from unselected population
    • Liudmila Stavinskaia P078 Disorders of menstrual function among young patients with metabolic syndrome
    • Bohilt P079 The impact of obesity on the prognosis of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy
    • Raisa Butalid P080 Ovarian New Growth in Mixed Gonadal Dysgenesis: A Case Report
    • Alejandra Cortés P081 Diagnosis and treatment of precocious puberty in the Mexican population: a case report
    • Salome Kiebashvili P082 Abnormal menstrual function in adolescents with adnexal torsion
    • Cristiane Kopacek P083 Clinical and laboratory profile analysis of genital ambiguity in girls with congenital adrenal hyperplasia diagnosed in public neonatal screening program in southern Brazil
    • Cristiane Kopacek P084 Premature Ovarian Insufficiency and Autoimmune Diseases: Case Report
    • Akanksha Nautiyal P085 Evaluation of Gynaecological problems among adolescent girls attending a tertiary care centre
    • Paola Isabel Disla Gomez P086 DEFICT IODINE IN PREGNANT attended the OB HOSPITAL MATERNITY OF OUR Lady of Altagracia.
    • Muhammed Elhadi P087 Retrospective Study on Pregnancy and Hypothyroidism Effects in Libya
    • Chandrakalamaran Maran P089 Do Hypothyroid in anti natal care affect Maternal Fetal outcome –A diagnostics, predictive and prescriptive approach
    • Ivana Markovic P090 Hypothyroidism and comorbidity at elderly
    • Gorana Popic P091 Correlation between thyroid stimulating hormone level and androgens in euthyroid hyperandrogenic polycystic ovary syndrome
    • Cristina L Benetti-Pinto P092 Vaginal Microbiome of Women with Premature Ovarian Insufficiency: Descriptive cross-sectional study
    • Elifnur Bicer P093 Evaluation of Serum Kisspeptin Levels in Patients with Premature Ovarian Insufficiency
    • Laura Cotoi P095 Pregnancy follow-up in primary hyperparathyroidism – Case presentation
    • Anna Danylova P096 Reproductive health of female adult survivors of papillary thyroid carcinoma
    • Marija Ilievski P097 Regularity of menstrual cycles in extremely obese women
    • Kateryna Kondratiuk P100 Reproductive health features of young women with type 1 diabetes mellitus born by mothers with type 1 diabetes mellitus
    • Anastasia Kudrytskaya P101 Reproductive state in women with kidney transplant
    • Ilaria Mancini P102 46, XX DSD with ambiguous genitalia, gynecomastia and male gender identity: a case report.
    • Maria Yarmolinskaya P103 Comparison of Urinary 6-sulfatoxymelatonin Levels of Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 and Endometriosis
    • Yue Zhao P104 Hypoxia Preconditioned Human Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cells Improve Ovarian Function in Premature Ovarian Insufficiency Mouse Model
    • Jana Duskova P105 The Significance of Bisphenol A Release from Dental Restorative Materials for the Human Exposure
    • Luiza Ferreira P106 Ovarian histological aspects of transsexual men undergoing oopherectomy after prolonged testosterone therapy
    • Giovanna Pepe P107 Molecular mechanisms of the immunomodulatory effects of Raloxifene and Tamoxifen
    • Mitchell Creinin P108 Cycle control of an estetrol 15 mg and drospirenone 3 mg combined oral contraceptive in the E4Freedom EU/RU phase 3 trial
    • Mitchell Creinin P109 Estetrol 15 mg combined with drospirenone 3 mg is an effective oral contraceptive: results from the E4Freedom EU/RU phase 3 trial
    • Pedro-Antonio Regidor P110 In vitro elution of etonogestrel and ethinylestradiol of the broken and not broken vaginal contraceptive ring Ornibel®
    • Elena Usoltseva P112 Men’s and women’s attitude toward contraception in russia
    • Ariane Ferreira P113 Epidemiological aspects of women using illicit drugs in the cracolândia region, são paulo
    • Selva Lima P114 Contraceptive methods used by women aged 40 to 50
    • Marek Janeczko P115 Influence of ethinylestradiol way of administration and progestins’ type on ambulatory blood pressure monitoring in women on combined contraception
    • Marina Fleury de Figueiredo P117 Clinical aspects of contraceptive implants in prevention of unplanned pregnancy in illicit drug users in são paulo
    • Carolina Machado Lemos P119 Side effects and satisfaction evaluation of women using contraceptive implants for the prevention of unplanned pregnancy in medical training courses
    • Carolina Machado Lemos P120 Epidemiology of women using the subdermal implant contraception for prevention of unplanned pregnancy in medical training courses
    • Laura Governini P122 3D culture of human epithelial endometrial organoids: a new model for endometrial receptivity
    • Maria Di Giminiani P126 Single center retrospective evaluation of ivf in poor responders according to the bologna criteria: prognosis and cost-effectiveness
    • Yuliya Dyakunchak P127 Risk assessment of reproductive health disorders in women after urgent gynecology interventions
    • Madalina Ioana Marza P131 Mullerian Anomalies and Infertility
    • Ksenia Ob'edkova P132 Cumulative live birth rate after in vitro fertilization: a single center analysis of 6546 treatment cycles
    • Xiaokui Yang P133 Salpingectomy may decrease antral follicle count but not live birth rate of in vitro fertilization-embryo transfer women
    • Olena Gnatko P134 Pregnancy, outcome and labor following assisted reproductive technologies based on the infertility factor
    • sarah johnson P135 Increased chance of livebirth following use of connected ovulation test system: outcome results from randomised controlled trail
    • Dinara Kalinina P136 Modified natural cycle IVF
    • Larissa Matsumoto P137 Risk factors for no mature eggs in patients with diminished ovarian reserve
    • Chung-Hoon Kim P138 Early injection of human chorionic gonadotropin in modified natural cycles can reduce premature ovulation and luteinization without adverse effect on IVF outcome in patients with advanced maternal age.
    • Alla Boychuk P139 Endometriosis ovarian cysts and its impact on a woman's fertility
    • Vyacheslav Kaminskyy P141 Complex Approach in Managing the Patients with Endometriosis in Ukraine: Role and Place of the Drug Therapy. Experience Exchange
    • Yonglian Lan P142 Pregnancy outcome comparison of three controlled ovarian stimulation protocols for in vitro fertilization-embryo transfer in patients with diminished ovarian reserve after endometrioma cystectomy
    • Jiaojiao Cheng P146 Impact of stepwise removal of ovarian tissue on ovarian function - animal study
    • Lana Dzhanashvili P147 Fertility outcomes in women with atypical endometrial hyperplasia and endometrial cancer grade I
    • Iryna Orishchak P148 Reproductive potential of women with pathological endometrial processes
    • Xiangyan Ruan P149 Synergistic effects of N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine and taurine improve the protective efficacy of cryopreserved and thawed human ovarian tissue
    • Xiangyan Ruan P150 First ovarian tissue bank in China: Ten cases with ovarian tissue cryopreservation and transplantation
    • Taisiia Yurchuk P151 Morphokinetic characteristic and euploidy rate of embryos derived from cryopreserved oocyte
    • Maria Di Giminiani P152 Evaluation of uterine artery doppler and estrogen milieu in oocyte donation pregnancies
    • Konstantinos Kastrinakis P153 Surrogacy programs: medical, legal and ethical aspects
    • Elene Asanidze P154 Correlation between levels of homocysteine, anti-müllerian hormone and insulin resistance in PCOS patients with recurrent pregnancy loss
    • Margarita Bakleicheva P155 Low HLA-G expression as a determinant in early reproductive losses
    • Madina Tsidaeva P157 Assessment of the gynecological and psychological status of the patients after spontaneous abortion in the first trimester.
    • Madina Tsidaeva P158 Evaluation of the endocrinological status of patients with spontaneous abortion in the first trimester
    • Manana Urjumelashvili P159 Association of Infertility with Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL) in Georgia
    • Bohiltea Elena P160 The importance of beta-HCG dynamics in the management of ectopic pregnacies treated by selective embolization of uterine arteries
    • Elitsa Gyokova P161 Conservative management of cervical ectopic pregnancy
    • Ivelina Oprova P162 Could ovarian hyperstimulation and high levels of Progesterone be a risk factor for an ectopic pregnancy in ART?
    • Rafal Watrowski P163 Ectopic pregnancy in distal Fallopian tube remnant after ipsilateral “salpingectomy” – an admonishing case report
    • Julli yakumchuk P164 The level of homocysteine, folic acid use of the dose-dependent methotrexate treatment extra-uterine pregnancy
    • Daniela-Roxana Matasariu P166 Pre- and postnatal diagnosis of 22q11 deletion syndrome associated with cardiac and extracardiac manifestations – a case report
    • Akanksha Tiwari P167 Fetus as our patient: pattern of referral of antenatally diagnosed fetal malformations and their outcome
    • Maria Castiglione P168 Incidence of pregnancy and perinatal risk in patients under 15 years in regional hospital of concepcion chile.
    • Laura Cotoi P169 Pregnancy follow-up in primary hyperparathyroidism – Case presentation
    • Edona Feka P170 Knowladge about the side effects of drugs and their preventive role against teratogenic effect on pregnancies
    • Akanksha Tiwari P171 Successful outcome in a fetus with an extremely low heart rate in a case of complete congenital heart block: A case report
    • Florie Belegu P172 Interval Hysterectomy for Placenta Percreta in patient with hemorrhagic shock in the 20th week of gestation- Case study
    • Dmytro Konkov P174 The features of fetoplacental angiogenesis in pregnant women with anamnestic embryonic losses
    • Jehona Luta P175 Association between Prelabor rupture of membranes (PROM) and Hypertensive disease of Pregnancy
    • Margarita Bakleicheva P178 The efficiency of Vitamin D in successful implantation
    • Shqipe Fetiu P179 Termination of a pregnancy in patient with lupus eritematosus in the 17th week of gestation due to severe complications - Case study
    • Szilvia Csehely P180 Primary hyperparathyreodism recognised in pregnancy
    • Aalya Imran P181 A case report on a rare diagnosis of pituitary apoplexy for a headache during pregnancy.
    • Olesia Pliekhova P183 Influence of over weight on pregnancy and its outcome
    • Līva Ušpele P184 Early pregnancy excess weight and gestational diabetes in latvian pregnant women
    • Alina Busan-Pirvoiu P185 Role of Diet and Lifestyle in Obese Pregnant Women - Case Series
    • Diana De la Fuente García P186 Relationship between the consumption of carbohydrates and minerals in pregnant mexican patients
    • Hana Jandikova P187 Changes of steroid hormones in pregnant ex-smokers and their newborns
    • Cynthia López Botello P188 Relationship between carbohydrates and vitamins intake of pregnant mexican patients
    • Alexandra Olaru (Vintea) P189 Nitrous oxide vs epidural analgesia during labor
    • Sahadete Shala P190 Risk factors for hyperemesis gravidarum requiring hospital admission during pregnancy
    • Kumari Anukriti P191 Maternal blood and amnionic oxytocin receptor gene expression and serum oxytocin levels in preterm birth: a case control study
    • Irina Kananenka P192 Genetic polymorphisms in the MMP9 and TGF?1 genes in women with cervical insufficiency
    • Sudeep Kaudel P193 Comparison of Oral Misoprostol with Intramuscular Oxytocin in the Active Management of Third Stage of Labour
    • Dmytro Konkov P194 The effective strategy of prevention preterm birth with women with a previous history of PB
    • Faustino Pérez-López P195 Uterine fibroids and the risk of preterm birth: a meta-analysis.
    • Abineya Rajendran P196 Baseline analysis from Retrospects on AMH profile on challenged parenthood for exploratory Prospective study
    • Peter Chedraui P197 Analysis of copy number variation of the PSG11 polymorphism in pregnant women complicated with preeclampsia
    • Peter Chedraui P198 Biochemical markers related to the prediction of preeclampsia and their association with the C677T polymorphism of the methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase gene in fetal circulation
    • Kandice Lacci P199 The Association between Interpregnancy Interval and Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes in the United States
    • Dmytro Konkov P200 The new algorithm of clinical management for severe pre-eclampsia
    • Niranjana Subramanian P201 Role of 3D power doppler of placenta for prediction of preeclampsia in high risk pregnancies
    • Barbara Berkó P202 Screening methods in GDM according to the recommendation of the Hungarian Diabetes Association (MDT) in practice
    • Nilufar Ibragimova P203 The prevalence of gestational diabetes in Uzbekistan.
    • Joanna Kacperczyk-Bartnik P204 Adherence to gestational diabetes mellitus screening guidelines among patients diagnosed with gestational diabetes mellitus
    • Md. Shahed Morshed P206 Fasting C-peptide and Insulin Resistance/ Sensitivity in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
    • Milena Skibińska P207 Metformin administration during pregnancy- current insight
    • Vesselina Yanachkova P208 Gestational diabetes mellitus – to metformin or not to metformin?
    • Vesselina Yanachkova P209 Potential role of the biochemical placentation markers PAPP-A and HCG for early gestational diabetes screening- pilot study
    • Sandra González Peña P210 Maternal folic acid intake and methylation status of ventricular septal defects (VSD) associated genes in children: cases and controls
    • Amritinderpal Kaur P211 Evaluation of cases of Molar pregnancy - A prospective observational study
    • Faustino Pérez-López P212 Meta-analysis regarding the effect of milk consumption during pregnancy on fetal growth and obstetric outcomes
    • Elitsa Gyokova P213 Congenital early syphilis
    • Mejreme Ramosaj P214 Correlation between candida spec. infection and imminent abortion.
    • Dorina-Adelina Rudișteanu P215 Genital infections and chorioamnionitis - diagnosis and management
    • Alexandra Ursache P217 Challenges in the management of HIV positive pregnant women in a Romanian Hospital
    • Akmal Hisyam Arshad P218 The efficiency of laminaria as an adjunct to induction of labour with prostin: a randomised controlled trial
    • Umida Ashurova P219 Efficacy and safety of prosotoglandine E2 (PGE2) for labor induction
    • Umida Ashurova P220 Prognosis of labor induction
    • Iuliana Elena Bujor P221 The Utility Of Ultrasound Examination In The Surveillance Of Misodel Induced Labor
    • Manuela Neagu P222 Labor induction in high-risk pregnancy with misoprostol – our experience
    • Alexandra Olaru (Vintea) P224 Uterine Isthmocele- a Late Complication of Cesarean Delivery
    • Yoana Ivanova-Yoncheva P226 Aplasia cutis congenita – case report
    • Burim Krasniqi P227 Fetal hepatosplenomegaly discovered after delivery – Case report from Clinical University Center of Kosovo
    • Dorina-Adelina Rudișteanu P228 Subcapsular hepatic hematoma - a complication of HELLP syndrome - a case report and literature update
    • Silvia Vannuccini P229 Menstrual cycle pattern and pregnancy complications
    • Juliana Yusof P230 Prevalence and risk factors of PPH in primigravida
    • Juliana Yusof P231 Incidence and risk factors of postpartum haemorrhage in primigravida
    • Akmal Hisyam Arshad P233 The prevalence of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) among secondary school students in klang valley, malaysia
    • Elena Khashchenko P234 Clinical and laboratory features of different forms of endometriosis in adolescent girls
    • Lesia Demianenko P235 Optimization of the treatment of sexual dysfunction in women of reproductive age with androgen deficiency
    • Stephanie Faubion P237 A retrospective study of the association between sleep quality and female sexual function
    • Oksana Nehrych P238 Sexual dysfunction in reproductive-aged women with multiple sclerosis
    • Yu Yang P239 Female sexual function after different treatment regimens for Chinese patients with malignant tumors
    • Faina Guseinova P240 Mathematical modeling for predicting genital tuberculosis in women
    • Cezar Júnior P242 Serum stradiol and ca-125 as a control in hormonal treatment containing only progestogen in women with pelvic endometriosis
    • Ciara Mahon P244 An atypical presentation of late onset congenital adrenal hyperplasia: A Case Report
    • Yana Mas P245 Assessment of the in vitro short time bactericidal activity of two local treatments against bacteria involved in vaginosis
    • Hisayo Okayama P246 The Relevance of Sense of Coherence to Premenstrual Syndrome and Depression State of Young Women in Japan
    • Liudmila Stavinskaia P247 Aspects of hormonal disorders by patological uterine bleeding among women of reproductive age with cronic viral hepatic lesion
    • Silvia Vannuccini P249 Menstrual cycle and quality of life: the Global Menstrual Distress Score (GMDS)
    • Natalia Aganezova P250 Endometrial receptivity characteristics in women with different functional activity of ovarian corpus luteum
    • Yong-Pil Cheon P251 Cdk2ap1 regulates proliferation and decidual differentiation of mouse stromal cells during implantation
    • Narhiz Yusifli P252 Endometrial dystrophy is a visual, histological, cytogenetic diagnosis
    • Vladimir Kazantsev P253 Chronic follicular endometritis is a clinico-pathologic form of chronic endometritis with an unfavorable clinical behavior.
    • Iuliana Elena Bujor P255 Burkitt lymphoma in an adult aids C2 female patient
    • Mike Christanti P256 An Extra Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patient, Abdominal Tuberculosis with Pseudo-Meigs Syndrome Mimicking an Advanced Ovarian Cancer Case report: Rare Case
    • Krystel Elaine Dorao P257 Cervical endometriosis presenting as a cervical mass causing hypogastric pain, obstructive uropathy with vaginal septum: a case report
    • Tatiana Efimenko P258 The specificity of chronic pelvic pain in women with deep infiltrating endometriosis and infertility
    • Tatyana Makarenko P260 Histological and immunohistochemical features of ectopic foci in women with painful course of external genital endometriosis
    • Alexandra Ursache P261 A case of peritoneal tuberculosis difficulties of the differential diagnosis case
    • Federica Mornata P265 Estrogen-macrophages interplay as a possible therapeutic target in endometriosis.
    • Ana Petrescu P266 Microscopic aspects of cervical endometriosis
    • Maša Sinreih P267 Medroxyprogesterone acetate, dienogest and dydrogesterone have different effects on expression of inflamatory response genes in a model cell line of peritoneal endometriosis
    • Tatyana Makarenko P268 Potential markers of early noninvasive diagnosis of adenomyosis.
    • Maria-Angeles Martinez-Zamora P269 The sonographic and symptomatic impact after combined oral contraceptive continuous regimens in adenomyosis patients
    • Dan Ruican P270 Cystically transformed and fistulized adenomyosis - case presentation
    • Alexandra Bausic P271 Aspiration and alcoholizaition of endometriomas guided by ultrasound prior to conceiving or assisted reproductive technology (ART)
    • Cezar Júnior P272 Long-term evaluation of dienogest in the treatment of women with pelvic endometriosis
    • Vidushi Kulshrestha P273 Letrozole for successful medical management of Sciatica due to Extrapelvic Endometriosis
    • Radosław Maksym P274 Deep infiltrating endometriosis as a cause of non-symptomatic hydronephrosis despite hormonal treatment and radical surgery in the centre of endometriosis
    • Daniela Yela P275 Deep infiltrating endometriosis: evaluation of surgical complications and recurrence.
    • Fabio Barra P276 A prospective comparative study for evaluation of ulipristal acetate and leuprolide acetate before performing outpatient hysteroscopic myomectomy
    • Iuliana Ceausu P278 Two steps procedure for hysteroscopic approach of submucosal fibroids
    • Dinara Irnazarova P279 Duplex scanning of the uterine artery in the diagnostics of uterine fibroid in women of the perimenopausal period
    • Arina Despina Pagouni P281 Uterine lipoleiomyoma: a case report from the hospital of Lamia
    • Radosław Maksym P276b Focused ultrasound fibroid thermoablation - a novel conservative perspective in fibroid therapy from first ultrasound-guided HIFU in Europe.
    • Radoslaw Slopien P286 The evaluation of IOTA logistic regression model 1 (LR1) performance with the incorporation of HD-flow technique
    • Yun Huang P288 Follicular metabolic profiling in women of advanced and young ages under assisted reproductive technology treatment
    • Filippo Murina P289 Vulvar vestibular effects of prasterone: a prospective vulvoscopic pilot study
    • Juan Rivero Corona P290 Association of the dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate levels and the ankle index - arm as a preacher of subclinical aterosclerosis in patients in the early posmenopause in the climate clinic of the juárez hospital of mexico
    • Suganya Venkat P291 Predicting and Preventing complication of PCOS , in order to achieve complete Quality of Family living ( CQoFL)
    • Stefania Alvisi P292 KnowleDge of the genItourinAry synDromE of Menopause among Italian gynecologists: the DIADEM survey
    • Khedidja Mekki P293 Relationships between climacteric syndrome, obesity and cardiometabolic biomarkers in postmenopausal women.
    • Iana Nadeliaeva P294 Epidemiology of natural menopause and climacteric syndrome in the East Siberian population: age and racial aspects
    • Sandra Sanchez-Zarza P295 Depressed symptoms and related factors in mid-aged women from Paraguay
    • Xin Xu P298 Correlation between body fat content and climacteric symptoms in Chinese menopausal women
    • Adriana Bastidas P299 A Phase 3 Protocol to assess the Efficacy and Safety of Estetrol (E4), a Promising New Treatment for Menopausal Vasomotor Symptoms
    • Milina Tancic-Gajic P300 Premature ovarian insufficiency in brca genetic mutation
    • Heorhi Ramanau P301 The influence of the menopause onset time on low-energy fractures in women aged 50 years and older in Belarus
    • Arianna Romani P302 Influence of central adiposity on the association between uric acid and bone health in postmenopausal women
    • Miljanka Vuksanovic P303 Vitamin D and the musculoskeletal disorders in menopause
    • Tobie de Villiers P304 Effects of SERMs on Bone Health in Postmenopausal Women
    • carmen pingarron P305 AYSEX Study: Real World Data study Observational Study, Prospective and Unicentre to Evaluate the improvement of Vulvo Vaginal Atrophy (VVA) in Postmenopausal Women who receive pharmacological treatment with Ospemifene 60 mg/day under conditions of Regul
    • Valentina Ishkaraeva P306 The role of progestogen in hypertension in conditions of artificial menopause, in vitro.
    • Ketevan Osidze P308 Effect of DHEA supplementation on pregnancy rates in egg donation programs in women aged 40 and more
    • Elisa Tramentozzi P309 Hyalo Gyn gel for the treatment of vulvo-vaginal atrophy in post-menopausal women: a prospective, randomized clinical study
    • Rui Ju P310 Investigation on Female Sexual Dysfunction In Different Stages of Reproductive Aging In Outpatient Clinic
    • Eva Hafner P311 Does black cohosh affect systemic estrogen levels in postmenopausal women?
    • Kurt G. Naber P311b The Acute Cystitis Symptom Score (ACSS) Italian version as a new tool for diagnosis and follow up of uncomplicated cystitis in female patients.
    • Maša Sinreih P315 The effects of Cimicifuga racemosa extract on expression of genes encoding E1-S transporters, estrogen biosynthetic and metabolic enzymes in endometrial and ovarian cell lines
    • Elifnur Biçer P317 Juvenile Granulosa Cell Tumor: A Case Report of 16 years-old Female with Adnexial Mass
    • Muhammad Azrai Abu P318 Adherence to treatment among patient with cervical intraepithelial neoplasia
    • Maria Beatriz Bracco Suarez P319 Asymptomatic postmenopausal women: what are the risk factors for endometrial malignancies? A retrospective multicentric study.
    • Eva Hafner P320 BioEndoCar: in search of new Biomarkers for Diagnosis and Prognosis of Endometrial Carcinoma
    • Malgorzata Sobstyl P322 Surface CD200 and CD200R antigens on lymphocytes in endometrial cancer
    • Voicu P324 Colposcopy and microscopic modifications in cervical lesions associated with HPV 16 and 18
    • Radosław Maksym P325 Endometriosis in the Caesarian section scar as a substratum of aggressive malignant tumour.
    • Alexandra Gromova P326 Successful conservative treatment of early stage endometrial cancer 22 y.o. women with Turner's Syndrome
    • Yumiko Tateoka P327 Observations on the Morphological Characteristics of Mammary Gland Growth and Supportive Tissue in the Course of Gestation in Mice
    • Antonina Smetnik P328 Local and systemic sex hormones concentrations in different subtypes of breast cancer in postmenopausal women
    • Muhammed Elhadi P329 The clinicopathologic patterns of breast tumours in Libyan patients: 9 years’ retrospective study
    • DANIELA Pelotti P330 Bacteria and breast cancer new evidence
    • Rafal Watrowski P331 Gene expression of kallikreins in normal and malignant breast cell lines
    • Guiju Cai P332 Blood and breast cancer tissue concentrations of PGRMC1 are correlated to tumor growth induced with norethisterone in contrast to neutral progesterone and dydrogesterone
    • Lingyan Zhang P333 Progesterone receptor membrane component 1 (PGRMC1) promotes the AKT pathway to induce breast cancer cell proliferation
    • Marina Sourouni P334 Role of the tumor microenvironment in the development of DCIS to invasive breast cancer and identification of possible biomarkers to predict that progression in 3D co-culture models.
    • Bin Cai P335 Incidence of breast cancer in VVA patients treated with ospemifene and the similar patients without any VVA related treatments in the US
    • Camila De Assis Molina P336 Breast prosthesis rupture silicone migration lymphadenopathy: case report
    • Anna Tregubova P339 Innovative evidence of laparoscopic-assisted myomectomy with in-bag extraction effectiveness cell blocks and immunohistochemical investigation
    • Liliane Herter P341 Non-communicating uterine horn presenting with endometriosis soon after menarche
    • Giulio Evangelisti P344 Rectal water contrast transvaginal ultrasonography versus computed colonography for the diagnosis of rectosigmoid endometriosis: a prospective comparative study
    • Yoana Ivanova-Yoncheva P343 Treatment of patient with uterine fibroid with Focused Ultrasound Surgery – clinical case
    • Rafal Moszynski P345 The utility of HD-flow analysis in the differential diagnosis of ovarian tumors
    • Daniela Yela P346 Accuracy of transvaginal ultrasound for detection of deep infiltrating endometriosis
    • Alina-Mihaela Busan-Pirvoiu P348 Other Uses of Entonox in Gynaecology
    • Nataliia Kosei P349 An experience of endoscopic treatment of the postoperative scar‘s “recess” after cesarean section
    • Manuela Neagu P350 Diagnostic management of high-thromboembolic-risk patients with abnormal uterine bleeding
    • Gulaim Ataniyazova P352 The analysis of pathology of cervix of women in the period of perimenopause
    • Kavita Khoiwal P353 A comparative analysis between unidirectional barbed versus conventional vicryl suture for vaginal cuff closure in cases of Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
    • Anna Tregubova P354 Pregnancy-related deciduosis: diagnostics and clinical implications

    Thursday 3rd December 2020

    08:00 Thursday 3rd

    HALL 1 GREM Oral Presentation 08:00–18:00
    Neuroendocrinology, Androgens, Estrogens/Serms, Progesterone,Progestins/Sprm, (OP01) Neuroendocrinology and Steroids

    • Barno Shagazatova Hormonal changes in men with ‘empty sella’ syndrome
    • Zorana Todorovic The effect of meditation practices on neuroendocrine determinants
    • Anna Szeliga Neurokinin B and nesfatin-1 concentration in patients with functional hypothalamic amenorrhea- preliminary results.
    • Jojinah Vindah Alexander A Comparison of Progestogens plus GnRH agonist versus Progestogens only in Luteal Phase Support in IVF Women: A Retrospective Single Centre Experience
    • Anne Gallez Comparison of Estradiol and Estetrol on Estrogen Receptor alpha signaling
    • michaela dušková The peripartum period and differences of steroid hormones levels caused by fetal sex and delivery type
    • Yue Zhao Identification of PGRMC1 as a Novel Oncogene for Human Cancers and Its Involvement in Metabolic Activities
    • Parinaz Asiabi Immunodetection and quantification of enzymatic markers in theca cells: the early process of ovarian steroidogenesis in human ovary
    • Raquel Blanes Value of progesterone in cycles of transfers of frozen blastocyst
    • DELIA Baez quintana Is there a correlation between progesterone values and histological endometrial parameters?
    • Emma Eklund Serum levels of Insulin-like Growth Factor-I and its binding protein 1 in relation to body composition and physical performance in female Olympic athletes
    • Victoriia Prilutskaia Saw palmetto as a novel therapy for acne vulgaris associated with excess level of androgens

    HALL 1 GREM Oral Presentation 08:00–18:00
    Obstetrics (OP04) Obstetrics

    • Mohammad Yahay vahidi mehrjardi Is there any relationship between mutation in CPS1 Gene and pregnancy loss?
    • Belma Gozde GİRGİN The importance of recurrent pregnancy losses and anti-thyroid antibodies
    • Madina Umakhanova Endothelial system of mother and fetus during the first trimester of pregnancy
    • Madina Umakhanova Endothelial dysfunction during pregnancy: prediction of child morbidity
    • Panagiotis Krokos A case report of boerhaave syndrome at first trimester of pregnancy & review of the literature
    • Krzysztof Lewandowski Elevated Concentrations of Soluble Leptin Receptor And Relative Insulin Resistance in Small for Gestational Age (SGA) Twins.
    • Maria Butenko Efficacy of treatment of treatening miscarriage during multiple pregnancy after art with progesteron
    • Alana Agnaeva NK cell activity in women with multiple reproductive losses
    • Alana Agnaeva The use of intravenous immunoglobulins in women with multiple reproductive losses
    • Yulia Uspenskaya Effect of exogenous sex hormones administration on the course of intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy
    • Diana De la Fuente García Nutrition status determined by the body mass index (imc) pregestational and obstetric complications in pregnant teens
    • Cynthia Karyna López Botello Does Nutritional Status differs between ages in pregnancy women?
    • Ramona Dragomir Considerations regarding the impact of Vitamin D in Pregnancy
    • sarah johnson Onset of nausea and vomiting in pregnancy: a prospective cohort study
    • Sandra González Peña Maternal Folic Acid intake and Children with ventricular septal defect: cases and control
    • Stefania Triunfo Multi-site hospital as an efficient tool to mitigate the cesarean section rate: findings from a time-trend analysis in southern switzerland
    • Zaklina Jurisic Radiant Flow and 3D HD Power Doppler Flow Ultrasound in Detection of Vellamentous Insertion of Umbilical Cord
    • Ambrogio P Londero Placental villous hypermaturation is associated with in vitro fertilization
    • Daniel Laszlo Iodine supplementation in pregnancy
    • Giulio Evangelisti A prospective pilot study comparing incidence and characteristics of cesarean scar defects after uterine closure by double-layer barbed or smooth suture
    • ANDREA GONZALEZ-SEQUEDA Assessment of perceived psychological stress in low risk pregnant who attend prenatal control
    • Ipek Ozcivit A Rare Case of Abdominally Placed, Non-communicating Tubal Pregnancy with Unicornuate Uterus; Laparoscopic Diagnosis and Treatment
    • Julli Yakumchuk Long-term results of the different approach for management extra-uterine pregnancy
    • Mahbuba Ergashova Results of cytokine research of pregnant women with the risk of premature birth

    HALL 1 GREM Oral Presentation 08:00–18:00
    Ginecological Cancers (OP11) Gynecological Oncology

    • Mariami Kaviladze Application of 3d-tumor spheroids in drug discovery
    • Xulan Ma Effects of estrogen on the proliferation and nude mouse tumorigenicity of endometrial carcinoma cells by mediating the expression of HOTAIR
    • Gonda Konings Blocking 17?-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 in an estrogen-dependent orthotopic mouse model of endometrial cancer
    • Stamatios Fountoulis Small-cell neuroendocrine carcinoma of the endometrium: A case report and literature review
    • Andreea Borlea Pregnancy in Patients with Thyroid Cancer - Individualized Follow-up
    • Fan Yang How Postoperative Time Effects Pregnancy Outcomes After Cervical Conization
    • Pedro-Antonio Regidor Randomized, prospective trial to evaluate the effects of the intravaginal gel DeflaGyn® on the regression rate of HPV high-risk positive strains and the cytological p16/Ki67 marker in women with cytological findings according to Bethesda (ASC-US, LSIL, AS
    • Emanuele Arturo Fera High Risk HPV (HR-HPV) viral load in coupled cytological and urine samples from women affected by Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia (CIN)
    • Renata Pavlič Altered profile of E1-S transporters in endometrial cancer: lower protein levels of ABCG2 and OSTb and up-regulation of SLCO1B3 expression
    • Attila L. Major Efficacy and safety of a local environment modifying vaginal gel on Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia 1 and 2, on high-risk HPV, and on p16 - Comparison with the classical “watch and wait” approach: a randomized controlled trial.

    HALL 1 GREM Oral Presentation 08:00–18:00
    Ultrasound in Gynecology and Obstetrics (OP08) Ultrasound in Gynecology and Obstetrics

    • Mohd Faizal Ahmad Estimation of Fetal Weight by Clinical Methods and Ultrasound and Correlating its Accuracy with Actual Birth Weight in Term Pregnancies ; The CURFEW Study
    • Seema Meena Role of cerebroplacental ratio in prediction of adverse perinatal outcome in term pregnancies
    • Rafal Moszynski Ultrasound features and marker levels of hormonally active ovarian tumors
    • Muhammad Azrai Abu Umbilical cord circumferences measurement as the predictor for neonatal birth weight
    • Nadia Lamiri Spontaneous acute intussusception in a pregnant woman: Diagnostic traps
    • Tiago Aguiar Transvaginal ultrasound/Sonovaginography vs Magnetic resonance imaging: role in the evaluation of deep infiltrating endometriosis

    HALL 1 GREM Oral Presentation 08:00–18:00
    Adolescence,Neuroendocrinology,Polycistic Ovary Syndrome, Metabolic Syndrome (OP02) Adolescence, Amenorrhea, PCOS, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity

    • Vasileios Karountzos The impact of total body fat mass with its distribution to the trunk, in thyroid hormone levels, after complete weight restoration and menstrual recovery or not, in adolescents with Anorexia Nervosa
    • Inna Bachynska Surgical treatment of rare genital abnormalities in adolescent girls
    • Inna Bachynska The gynecologist’s role in treatment of patients with disorders of sex development
    • Olga Leshchenko Obesity in puberty. Reproductive effects
    • Vinicius Cestari do Amaral Prolactin and prolactin receptor expression on the adrenal of hyperprolactinemic mice treated with estrogen and progesterone
    • Iulia Pirga Prolactinoma and pregnancy: what do we know so far?
    • Sevara Fakhrutdinova Premature ovarian insufficiency and the risk factors in uzbek women
    • Ipek Ozcivit Diagnostic Approach To A Rare Case of Primary Amenorrhea With 46,XX Gonadal Dysgenesis and Absent Uterus in an Adolescent Girl
    • Katarzyna Paczkowska Novel FSHB mutation leading to isolated FSH deficiency – a rare case report
    • Giulia Gava Comparison of bone, metabolic and anthropometric changes in young women with premature ovarian insufficiency or complete androgen insensitivity syndrome with removed gonads using oral estradiol valerate, transdermal estradiol or oral ethinylestradiol.
    • Katarzyna Ożga Differences in metabolic profile between phenotypes of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).
    • Rhea Jabbour Carotid intima-media thickness in polycystic ovary syndrome and its association with hormone and lipid profiles
    • Emma Oberg Effects of behavioral modification on psychological well-being in overweight women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) – a randomized controlled trial
    • Nevena Ilic Pasquali The effects of metformin, pioglitazone and empagliflozin on metabolic control, hormonal imbalance, weight loss and ovulations in obese patients with polycystic ovary syndrome and impaired glucose tolerance
    • Tatiana Koltinova Complex assessment of the effect of glycosaminoglycans on the system of haemostasis in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome.
    • Antonio Mancini Markers of inflammation in PCOS: plasmatic free light chains of immunoglobulins and correlation with testosterone levels
    • Alina Naydukova Genetic and hormonal approach in metformin effectiveness prediction in PCOS patients
    • Elena Khashchenko Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Systemic Inflammation in Adolescent Girls with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in regarg to Excessive BMI and Insulin Resistance
    • Maurizio Dattilo Activated micronutrients in support to the one carbon cycle modulate circulating homocysteine in PCOS women
    • Valentina Galiano Do artificial neural networks predict metformin therapy responsiveness in PCOS patients?
    • Martina Placidi Glycative stress and sirtuin deregulation in the ovaries of DHEA-induced PCOS mice
    • Francesco Rea Beneficial effects of acyl-L-carnitines during oocyte IVM after mild oxidative stress.
    • José Soares-Jr The sonographic ovarian stroma cut-off as a hallmarker for phenotype A of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
    • José Soares-jr Does the Ovarian Stroma Color Doppler have a good correlation with phenotype A-PCOS features?
    • José Soares-Jr Is the histomorphology of PCOS endometrium different from one of regular cycle women?
    • Chantal Amisi Wrist circumference: a new marker of insulin resistance in women with polycystic ovary syndrome
    • Chantal Amisi Insulin resistance in congolese women with polycystic ovary syndrome: implications of diet
    • Vladislav Taranov Metabolic syndrome as a risk factor for vascular complications in patients with endometrial cancer
    • Rosolino Catania Hypoalbuminemia in Female Obesity.An Observational Study in Obese Patients undergoing Bariatric Surgery.
    • Victória Dornelles Ovarian stimulation and clinical outcomes following in vitro fertilization procedures: is there effect of overweight and obesity?
    • José Maria Soares-jr The impact of polycystic ovary syndrome phenotypes on the risk of developing metabolic syndrome-associate diabetes: A six-year follow-up
    • Katarzyna Suchta Binge eating disorder (BED) – an independent risk factor of anxiety and depressive symptoms in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).
    • Caroline Panone Bone mass in women with polycystic ovary syndrome: an yin-yang tale?
    • Elene Asanidze Anti-mullerian hormone as a useful marker for the management of polycystic ovary syndrome.
    • Lingshan Zhang A NK3Ra Ameliorates Metabolic Disorder in Mice by Improving Adipocyte Mitochondrial Function

    HALL 1 GREM Meet the Experts 08:00–09:00
    Menopause/Osteoporosis (mte10) Emerging menopausal needs in cancer survivors

    Chairperson/s: Martin Birkhaeuser

    • Tommaso Simoncini What are the menopausal needs in cancer survivors
    • Margaret Rees HRT in cancer survivors

    HALL 1 GREM Oral Presentation 08:00–18:00
    Endocrine Disorders (OP03) Endocrine Disorders and Endocrine Disruptors

    • Eduardo Donadi Gender differences on the expression of the HLA-G immune checkpoint molecule and of the BRAF oncoprotein in Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma
    • Olga Leshchenko Risk factors for gestational diabetes mellitus in women with hypothalamic dysfunction
    • Domagoj Krpina The incidence of subclinical hypothyroidism in pregnant women
    • Maryia Holubeva The thyroid function in women of reproductive age after kidney transplantation
    • Yulia Absatarova The effect of autoimmune thyroid disease on the ovarian reserve of women
    • Krzysztof Lewandowski Subclinical hypothyroidism in pregnancy: disease versus tsh pulsatility
    • Anna Kępczyńska-Nyk Sexual function in women with androgen excess disorders: classic forms of congenital adrenal hyperplasia and polycystic ovary syndrome
    • Galina Odintsova Frequency of reproductive endocrine complications in women with epilepsy
    • Yulia Absatarova The effect of genomic and postgenomic factors on ovarian reserve in type 1 diabetes
    • Melissa Buscato Estetrol elicits a metabolic protection against obesity and associated arterial diseases
    • Donatella Lakatos The impact of period symptom tracker at female patients with psychiatric disorders
    • Yumie Ikeda Reliability and Validity of the Japanese version of Dairy Records of Severity of Problems
    • Janice Vilela Effect of exposure to Bisphenol A in the thickness of uterine layers in the vesper mouse

    HALL 1 GREM Oral Presentation 08:00–18:00
    Menopause/Osteoporosis (OP06) The Climacteric Syndrome

    • Radoslaw Slopien Depression symptoms and thyroid status in euthyroid menopausal women.
    • Zorana Arizanovic Lipid profile in menopausal women with hot flashes
    • Alvaro Monterrosa-Castro Prevalence of bad sleeping in climacteric women from the caribbean colombian, according to presence of feelings of panic. Assesment using the pittsburugh’s sleep quality index.
    • Maria Mercado-Lara Is there an association between joint/muscular discomfort and sarcopenia in climaterics? Valuation in women of colombian caribbean
    • Freddy Quintana-Guardo Hot flashes and perceived psychological stress. Assessment of the association in colombian caribbean women
    • Simin Taavoni Effect of Two Months Oral Intake of Passion Flower on Menopause Sleep Disturbance: A Triple Blind Randomized Clinical Trial
    • Juliana Zangirolami-Raimundo Association of postmenopausal time and menopausal symptoms with performance in exergame
    • José Maria Soares-jr May female temporomandibular dysfunction pain be a consequence of hypoestrogenism?
    • DANIELA Pelotti Menopause prevention of reproductive decline with an evolutionary lifestyle
    • Elisabetta Micelli Vita Nova: an adaptive system to reduce cardiovascular risk in pre-menopausal and menopausal women

    HALL 2 ISGRE Meet the Experts 08:00–09:00
    Brain,Neurological or Psichiatric Disorders and Steroids (mte09) Ovarian hormones impact on somatic and mental aging

    Chairperson/s: Roberta Brinton Diaz

    • Walter Rocca Loss of ovarian hormones and accelerated somatic and mental aging
    • Liliana Gazzuola Rocca Psychiatric diseases and risk of gynecologic surgery

    HALL 3 FISGE Scholarship Course 08:00–09:00
    Ultrasound in Gynecology and Obstetrics (scholarship02) The luteal phase defects and early pregnancy loss - reserved to scholarship awardees

    • Gian Carlo Di Renzo The luteal phase defects and early pregnancy loss

    HALL 4 AIGE Corso Superiore di Ginecologia Endocrinologica AIGE 08:00–12:30
    Metabolic Syndrome and Insuline Resistance, Ultrasound in Gynecology and Obstetrics (CORSOAIGE01) Disendocrinie, insulino resistenza e riproduzione

    Chairperson/s: Metella Dei

    • Linda Vignozzi Le patologie ipofisarie e surrenaliche: l'iperprolattinemia e il deficit di 21 idrossilasi
    • Metella Dei Le alterazione dello sviluppo puberale: pubertà precoce e ritardata
    • Alessandro Genazzani Sindrome metabolica e iper-insulinismo
    • Massimo Tonacchera Le patologie tiroidee

    HALL 5 GYNENDO Scientific Society Symposium 08:00–09:00
    Menopause/Osteoporosis Is there a role for MHT in the management of post-menopausal osteoporosis (organized by ESCEO The European Society for Clinical and Economic Aspects of Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis and Musculoskeletal Diseases

    Chairperson/s: Jean-Yves Reginster

    • Jean-Yves Reginster Introduction
    • Andrea Genazzani Risk/benefit ratio of MHT before and after 60 years
    • Serge Rozenberg Effects of MHT on bone: What, when, how ?
    • Jean-Yves Reginster Discussion / Conclusion

    HALL 6 GRAAF Scientific Society Symposium 08:00–09:00
    Contraception Male Contraception (organized by ICMC - International Consortium for Male Contraception)

    Chairperson/s: David Serfaty

    • David Serfaty Update on ICMC activities
    • Cristina Meriggiola Landscape for male methods in the next decade
    • Richard Anderson Transdermal gel for men: efficacy study

    HALL 7 FALLOPPIO Scientific Society Symposium 08:00–09:00
    Menopause/Osteoporosis, Breast/Breast Cancer Menopause and the breast – Hormones and beyond (organized by EMAS - European Menopause and Andropause Society)

    Chairperson/s: Antonio Cano

    • Antonio Cano Introduction
    • Michael Van Trotsenburg Androgens and breast cancer risk
    • Irene Lambrinoudaki Bone health in breast cancer patients
    • Ludwig Kiesel Hormone resistance in breast cancer treatment

    HALL 8 HIPPOCRATES Scientific Society Symposium 08:00–09:00
    Obstetrics, Endocrine Disruptors Symposium organized by the Chinese Society of Gynecological Endocrinology (CSGE )

    Chairperson/s: Xiangyan Ruan

    • Xiangyan Ruan Introduction
    • Wei Zhang The challenges of advanced maternal age in China
    • Xiangyan Ruan Fertility Protection:Report the data of the first official ovarian tissue cryobank in China
    • Hong Zang Long-term endometrial consequence of polycystic ovary syndrome in Chinese women

    HALL 9 GALEN Scientific Society Symposium 08:00–09:00
    Menopause/Osteoporosis, Sexuality Body composition and health at menopause transition (organized by Indian Menopause Society (IMS)

    Chairperson/s: Suvarna Khadilkar

    • Suvarna Khadilkar Introduction
    • Sunila Khandelwal Syndromic approach to bone, muscle, and fat health
    • Meeta Singh DXA beyond bone health

    09:15 Thursday 3rd

    HALL 1 GREM Symposium 09:15–10:45
    Adolescence, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (symp03) PCOS: the beginning

    Chairperson/s: Bart Fauser , Sven Skouby

    • de Zegher Francis Early origins of PCOS
    • Sarah Berga Brain Phenotype in PCOS – androgens, anovulation, and gender
    • Luigi Devoto Endocrine and molecular features involved in follicular arrest of PCOS women
    • Lourdes Ibanez Diagnosis & treatment of adolescent PCOS

    HALL 2 ISGRE Sponsored Meet the Experts 09:15–10:45

      HALL 3 FISGE Symposium 09:15–10:45
      Endometrium, Endometriosis, Adenomiosis,Abnormal Uterine Bleeding (symp13) Endometriosis - updates from basic science

      Chairperson/s: Liselotte Mettler

      • Stefano Angioni Metabolomic characteristics in endometriosis patients
      • Caterina Exacoustos Accuracy of ultrasound evaluation of endometriosis using an integration of the Enzian classification
      • Robert Taylor Neurotrophins and cytokines in endometriosis pain
      • Nicola Pluchino Intracrinology of endometriosis

      HALL 5 GYNENDO Symposium 09:15–10:45
      Medically Assited Procreation (symp35) Role of hormones in Medically Assisted Pregnancy and its outcome (organized by PREIS School Academy)

      Chairperson/s: Gian Carlo Di Renzo , Basil Tarlatzis

      • Gian Carlo Di Renzo Introduction
      • Paul Piette Progesterone and estrogens: what to know for PMA ?
      • Basil Tarlatzis Is hormone monitoring important in IVF cycles ?
      • Adam Devall Facts and artifacts on progesterone and progestogens in early pregnancy maintenance
      • Gian Carlo Di Renzo Comments and conclusion

      HALL 6 GRAAF Symposium 09:15–10:45
      Menopause/Osteoporosis (symp22) Peri-Menopause

      Chairperson/s: Margaret Rees , Nick Panay

      • Nazareth Amala Lovetto The endocrinology of menpause transition
      • Peter Schmidt Mood disorders during reproductive transitions: circuit and cellular substrates of risk
      • David Vasquez Awad Contraception in menopause transition
      • Peter Chedraui Inflammation and the metabolic syndrome during the menopausal transition

      HALL 7 FALLOPPIO Scientific Society Symposium 09:15–10:45
      Adolescence, Contraception, Menopause/Osteoporosis, Management of obesity in the women life (organized by ALEG - Asociación Latinoamericana de Endocrinología Ginecológica

      Chairperson/s: Raul Dominguez Gonzalez

      • Raúl Domínguez González Introduction
      • Selva Lima Obese adolescent: management and prognosis
      • Carlos Lauro Valdez Zuniga Hormonal contraception in obese women
      • Raúl Domínguez González Obesity in the Climacteric? What awaits you ?

      11:15 Thursday 3rd

      HALL 1 GREM Symposium 11:15–12:45
      Metabolic Syndrome and Insuline Resistance, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (symp04) PCOS

      Chairperson/s: Francis De Zegher , Lourdes Ibanez

      • Nazareth Amala Lovetto Polycystic ovary and it’s endocrine challenges
      • Xiangyan Ruan Management of PCOS women preparing pregnancy
      • Bart Fauser PCOS, pregnancy complications and children outcomes
      • Massimo Stomati Treatments of metabolic syndrome in PCOS

      HALL 2 ISGRE Symposium 11:15–12:45
      Brain,Neurological or Psichiatric Disorders and Steroids (symp25) The physiopathological significance of neuroactive steroid synthesis and metabolism

      Chairperson/s: Pauline Maki , Walter Rocca

      • Michael Schumacher Cerebroprotection by progesterone metabolites following ischemic stroke
      • Roberto Cosimo Melcangi Sex dimorphic neurosteroidogenesis: physiopathological role
      • Roberto Frau Alterations in progesterone metabolism mediate psychotic-like phenotypes induced by sleep deprivation
      • Roberta Brinton Diaz Neurosteroid regulation of lipid phenotype in ApoE3 and ApoE4 carriers

      HALL 3 FISGE Symposium 11:15–12:45
      Medically Assited Procreation, Sexuality (Symp36) Natural and metabolic compounds in strategies to improve sexuality and fertility

      Chairperson/s: Andrea Genazzani , Ashraf Virmani

      • Alessandro Genazzani Role of carnitines and natural compounds in treating female infertility
      • Rossella Nappi Comparing treatments in female sexual dysfunction
      • Chadi Yazbeck Confronting endometriosis and improving IVF with novel metabolic and antioxidant treatments
      • Q&A - Discussion

      HALL 5 GYNENDO Sponsored Symposium 11:15–12:45
      Vulva and Vagina, Urinary Incontinence/ Pelvic Floor Defects

        HALL 6 GRAAF Symposium 11:15–12:45
        Contraception (symp10) Contraception

        Chairperson/s: Gabriele Merki , Regine Sitruk-Ware

        • Alfred Mueck Contraception: MEC of WHO – what should be changed ?
        • Cuauhtemoc Celis-Gonzalez Non-contraceptive uses of hormonal contraceptives
        • Nilson De Melo Extended and continuous regimens of combined hormonal contraceptive methods
        • David Serfaty Hormonophobia in Contraception, what to do ?

        HALL 7 FALLOPPIO Symposium 11:15–12:45
        Menopause/Osteoporosis (symp31) Osteoporosis and intervertebral disk

        Chairperson/s: David Vasquez Awad , Jean-Yves Reginster

        • Martin Birkhaeuser Postmenopausal osteoporosis. Is it a marker for other diseases ?
        • Mark Brincat Connective tissue and intervertebral disc changes with the menopause and treatment
        • Tobie De Villiers Optimal screening for osteoporosis: when and how
        • Suvarna Khadilkar Sarcopenia and bone health

        13:00 Thursday 3rd

        HALL 1 GREM Sponsored Symposium 13:00–14:45
        Vulva and Vagina, Menopause/Osteoporosis

          15:00 Thursday 3rd

          HALL 1 GREM Key Lecture 15:00–15:30
          Rank/Rank L (KL01) Human tissue engineering

          Chairperson/s: Luigi Devoto

          • Josef M. Penninger Human tissue engineering

          HALL 2 ISGRE Key Lecture 15:00–15:30
          Medically Assited Procreation (KL12) GnRHa triggering of final oocyte maturation: optimizing the luteal phase

          Chairperson/s: Andrea Genazzani

          • Johnny Awwad GnRHa triggering of final oocyte maturation: optimizing the luteal phase

          HALL 3 FISGE Key Lecture 15:00–15:30
          Implantation, Medically Assited Procreation (KL04) Endometrial receptivity

          Chairperson/s: Robert Taylor

          • Xavier Santamaria Endometrial receptivity

          HALL 4 AIGE Key Lecture 15:00–15:30
          Menopause/Osteoporosis (KL08) Emerging health issues for women in the reproductive years- findings from the Grollo-Ruzenne Study

          Chairperson/s: Nilson De Melo

          • Susan Davis Emerging health issues for women in the reproductive years- findings from the Grollo-Ruzenne study

          HALL 5 GYNENDO Key Lecture 15:00–15:30
          Menopause/Osteoporosis, Brain,Neurological or Psichiatric Disorders and Steroids (KL10) Sex, gender, and the brain

          Chairperson/s: Peter Schmidt

          • Walter Rocca Sex, gender, and the brain

          HALL 6 GRAAF Sponsored Key Lecture 15:00–15:30
          Vulva and Vagina

            15:45 Thursday 3rd

            HALL 1 GREM Meet the Experts 15:45–16:45
            Endometrium, Endometriosis, Adenomiosis,Abnormal Uterine Bleeding (mte03) Heavy menstrual bleeding and abnormal uterine bleeding

            Chairperson/s: Steven Goldstein

            • Vincenzina Bruni Heavy menstrual bleeding: diagnosis and medical treatment
            • John J. Sciarra Surgical treatment of abnormal uterine bleeding

            HALL 2 ISGRE Meet the Experts 15:45–16:45
            Obstetrics (mte06) Management of preterm labor

            Chairperson/s: Fabio Facchinetti

            • Paolo Mannella Autonomic nervous system and preterm labor: a novel management of early pregnancies ?
            • Frederick Naftolin A uterine pacemaker against preterm labor

            HALL 3 FISGE Sponsored Meet the Experts 15:45–16:45
            Vulva and Vagina, Menopause/Osteoporosis

              HALL 6 GRAAF Scientific Society Symposium 15:45–16:45
              Contraception Contraception in special situations (Symposium organized by SOCHEG - Sociedad Chilena de Endocrinología Ginecológica)

              Chairperson/s: Pablo Lavín , Marcela Lopez

              • Pablo Lavín Introduction
              • Patricio Barriga Contraception and depression
              • Paula Vanhauwaert “Contraception in drug addict women”
              • Marcela Lopez Contraception in hyperandrogenic women

              HALL 7 FALLOPPIO Scientific Society Symposium 15:45–16:45
              Adolescence, Metabolic Syndrome and Insuline Resistance, Obstetrics, Symposium organized by HSGE- Hungarian Society of Gynecologic Endocrinology (dedicated to the memory of András Szilágyi)

              Chairperson/s: Attila Jakab

              • Attila Jakab Introduction
              • Laszlo Tuu Insulin, to measure or not to measure – CONTRA
              • Katalin Nas Insulin, to measure or not to measure – PRO
              • Tamas Deli Endocrine aspects of Turner syndrome (Tamás Deli, Beáta Vida, Olga Török, Katalin Jenei, Enikő Felszeghy, Mónika Orosz, Attila Jakab)
              • Varbiro Szabolcs Vitamin D and pathology in pregnancy (Várbíró S., Nas K., Tüű L, Ábrahám E, Bíró V., Gerszi D, Horváth EM)
              • Daniel Laszlo Iodine in pregnancy

              17:15 Thursday 3rd

              HALL 1 GREM Symposium 17:15–18:45
              Androgens (symp05) Androgens

              Chairperson/s: Adolf Schindler , Antonio Cano

              • Martin Birkhaeuser Androgen substitution – risks and benefits
              • Susan Davis The global position statement on androgens in women - where to from here
              • Nick Panay Androgenic options for women - where are we now?

              HALL 2 ISGRE Symposium 17:15–18:45
              Implantation (symp17) Implantation

              Chairperson/s: Bruno Lunenfeld , Alberto Revelli

              • Robert Taylor Does inflammation perturb the embryo-endometrial dialog ?
              • Xavier Santamaria Assessing endometrial receptivity

              HALL 3 FISGE Symposium 17:15–18:45
              Surgery (symp33) Surgery

              Chairperson/s: Leila Adamyan , Pierluigi Benedetti Panici

              • Stefano Angioni Impact of endometrioma surgery on ovarian reserve
              • Michelle Nisolle What is the place of surgery in deep endometriosis in infertile and pelvic pain patients?
              • Liselotte Mettler When are hysterectomies still indicated in the time of organ preserving sur
              • John J. Sciarra Alternatives to hysterectomy

              HALL 4 AIGE Sponsored Symposium 17:15–18:45

                HALL 6 GRAAF Symposium 17:15–18:45
                Obstetrics (symp21) Pregnancy

                Chairperson/s: Paolo Mannella

                • Daniela Menichini Inositols impact in fetal programming
                • Herbert Valensise Maternal haemodynamics and IUGR diagnosis and treatment
                • Federico Mecacci Pregnancy outcome and metabolic syndrome
                • Antonio Lanzone Endocrino-obstetric approach in the evaluation of gestational diabetes

                18:45 Thursday 3rd

                HALL 3 FISGE Scholarship Course 18:45–19:45
                Ultrasound in Gynecology and Obstetrics (scholarship03) Modern evaluation of abnormal uterine bleeding - reserved to scholarship awardees

                • Steven Goldstein Modern evaluation of abnormal uterine bleeding

                Friday 4th December 2020

                08:00 Friday 4th

                HALL 1 GREM Oral Presentation 08:00–08:00
                Obstetrics (OP05) Eclampsia/GDM/IUGR/Preterm Labour

                • Mohammad Yahay vahidi mehrjardi Novel Molecular Biomarkers involved in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus(GDM)
                • Roman Kapustin Oxidative and antioxidative status in pregnant women with different types of diabetes mellitus
                • Roman Kapustin The maternal IGF-system in diabetic pregnancy: a link to fetal macrosomia
                • Aleksandra Epishkina-Minina First trimester gestational diabetes mellitus risk prediction
                • Sara Clemenza Hemodynamic evaluation in pregnant women with gestational diabetes
                • Iuliana Ceausu Pregnancy Outcomes predicted by Gycemic values in the Oral Glucose Tolerance test
                • Joanna Kacperczyk-Bartnik Prevalence and patients’ preferences regarding metformin administration in gestational diabetes management
                • Natalia Kuznetsova Prolongation of pregnancy with PROM in gestational age up to 28 weeks
                • Manuela Cristina Russu Vaginal Progesterone, cerclage, pessary for premature cervical remodeling and preterm birth prevention. Pregnancy outcome
                • Bakhodir Kurbanov Quantitative determination of the content sFlt1 protein in pregnant women with Preeclampsia.
                • Dilfuza Davletova The features of hemodynamic supply of pregnancy during gestational Endotheliopathy
                • Ofeliia Bettikher Is preeclampsia phenotype different in pregnancy with gestational diabetes?
                • Ofeliia Bettikher New method for differential diagnosis of PE and superimposed PE
                • Natalia Kuznetsova Prognostic significance of critical disorders of feto-placental blood flow in pregnant women with intrauterine growth restriction
                • Aleksandar Jurisic How to improve placental perfusion and umbilical artery vascular resistance in second trimester of singleton pregnancy?
                • DANIELA Pelotti The role of a gluten free diet and antibiotic treatment on the prevention of fetal growth restriction, preterm birth, to increase the placental blood flow.
                • Fabio Carramão Narimatsu In vitro evaluation of drug association between crude allium sativum l. (garlic) extract and antibiotics against resistant and sensible Escherichia coli strains
                • Vidushi Kulshrestha Myoinositol In Treatment of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus In Asian Indian Women: A Pilot Study

                HALL 1 GREM Meet the Experts 08:00–09:00
                Adolescence, Neuroendocrinology (mte01) Stress

                Chairperson/s: Blazej Meczekalski

                • Alessandro Genazzani Stress and reproduction : a biologically integrated defensive system
                • Sarah Berga Reproductive consequences of stress – more than anovulation

                HALL 1 GREM Oral Presentation 08:00–18:00
                Brain,Neurological or Psichiatric Disorders and Steroids (OP12) The Breast

                • Ioana Armasu Ghrelin and Aromatase Expression in Invasive Breast Cancer - Variations to Age and Menopausal Status
                • Stefanos Zervoudis Modern management of organic nipple discharge
                • Ambrogio P Londero Prevalence, characteristics, and outcome of familial breast cancer
                • Vinicius do Amaral Cytoskeleton rearrangement and migration of MCF-7 breast cancer cells stimulated by prolactin
                • Andrea Villasco Validation of CTS5 on a retrospective cohort of real-life pre and postmenopausal patients diagnosed with HR+ breast cancer: is it prognostic?
                • Andrea Villasco Extended adjuvant ET in a real-life retrospective cohort of CTS5-stratified HR+ breast cancer patients: is it beneficial for everyone?
                • Irina Danusevich Season-depended reference values of antioxidants in blood serum of healthy women of reproductive age without benign breast disease

                HALL 1 GREM Oral Presentation 08:00–18:00
                Urinary Incontinence/Pelvic Floor Defects, Endometrium (OP13) Gynecological Surgery

                • Mateja Legan Vitamin d deficiency as a significant associated factor in pelvic floor disorder in slovenian women
                • Aleksandra Novakov-Mikic Non ablative erbium laser treatment for female stress urinary incontinence
                • Zdenko Vizintin Can lasers reduce overactive bladder symptoms?
                • Ivan Fistonic Laser treatment of female urinary incontinence and genitourinary syndrome of menopause – an update
                • Zdenko Vizintin Safety of Energy Based Devices for Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause and Stress Urinary Incontinence
                • Huixi Chen Demographic and clinical characteristics of endometriotic patients undergoing multiple surgical treatment

                HALL 1 GREM Oral Presentation 08:00–08:00
                Menopause/Osteoporosis (OP07) Menopause and Ageing

                • Vladyslav Povoroznyuk Vitamin D level in Ukrainian postmenopausal women depending on body mass index
                • Ottavia D'Oria Safety evaluation of fractional CO2 laser treatment in post-menopausal women with vaginal atrophy: a prospective observational study.
                • Muhammad Fidel Ganis Siregar Women with natural menopause and surgical menopause: the role of the differences of gamma glutamyl transferase and estrogen
                • Christel Péqueux Comparison of MHT treatments based on Estradiol or Estetrol on breast cancer: a preclinical study
                • Maria Belardo Hormone replacement therapy in cancer survivors
                • Joel Pollacco Changes in Intervertebral Discs with the Menopause and HRT
                • Vladyslav Povoroznyuk Body composition in patients with rheumatoid arthritis
                • Vladyslav Povoroznyuk Bone mineral density in postmenopausal women with osteoarthritis and obesity
                • yunyao Luo Irisin deletion induce glucose/lipid metabolic derangement and deteriorated bone loss in menopause
                • Liliana Velázquez Piña Bone mineral density and its association with visceral fat density and follicle stimulating hormone  serum levels in post-menopausal patients of the hospital juárez de méxico 
                • Angelica Monterrosa-Blanco Menopausal symptoms and quality of life according to the presence of alterations in genital lubrication. Study in climacteric afrodescendant women
                • Maria Cristina Budani The effect of cigarette smoke on female reproductive system: a mouse model.
                • Imelda Hernández Marin Evaluation of the effect of Prasterone (DHEA) in the treatment of hypoactive sexual desire and its impact on different metabolic and anthropometric parameters in postmenopausal women; one year follow up
                • Vladyslav Povoroznyuk Sex hormones interaction with trabecular bone score and mineral density in men
                • José Soares-Jr Hyaluronic acid concentration of diabetic rat vaginal tissue under treatment with 17b estradiol
                • José Soares-Jr Effects of estrogen deficiency followed by streptozotocin-induced diabetes in periodontal tissues of female rats
                • José Soares-Jr Action of hormonal therapy in amyrotrophic lateral sclerosis: a systematic review
                • Alice Antonelli DHEA restores central and peripheral BDNF levels in female castrated rats
                • Sebastian Mirkin REPLENISH Trial: Endometrial Protection with a 17β-Estradiol and Progesterone Combination (TX-001HR) in Postmenopausal Women with Vasomotor Symptoms
                • Shelli Graham REPLENISH trial: TX-001HR (17β-Estradiol and Progesterone Combination) Significantly Improved Moderate to Severe Hot Flushes in Postmenopausal Women
                • Jolan Dupont Rebound-Associated Vertebral Fractures After Stopping Denosumab: Report Of Four Cases
                • carmen pingarron AYSEX Study: Real World Data study Observational Study, Prospective and Unicentre to Evaluate the improvement of Vulvo Vaginal Atrophy (VVA) in Postmenopausal Women who receive pharmacological treatment with Ospemifene 60 mg/day under conditions of Regular Clinical Practice. Results at 3 and 6 Months of Follow-up.

                HALL 1 GREM Oral Presentation 08:00–08:00
                Medically Assited Procreation (OP09) Medically Assisted Procreation

                • Nadia Lamiri Fertility in women with congenital malformations of the cervix
                • JANNA PAKHOMOVA The sensitization value of women to partner sperm in inflammatory genesis infertility
                • Victoria Barinova Uterine microbiome and chronic endometritis in repeated IVF failure
                • Karolina Skorupskaite Pregnancy outcomes in one follicle-one oocyte IVF/ICSI cycles
                • Larissa Matsumoto Results of the use of HCG, agonist GnRH and dual trigger on in vitro fertilization and evaluation of risk factors for sub- optimal maturation rate.
                • Marta Hentschke Letrozole versus clomiphene citrate: which is better for ovulation induction?
                • Lucas Yamakami Using progestin in controlled ovarian stimulation: a comparison of ivf outcomes between follicular and luteal stimulations
                • Nadia Lamiri Fertility among older women in Tunisia
                • Ali Farid Ali The Impact Of Cerebrolysin On Poor Responders
                • Rossella Masciangelo Follicle populations and vascularization in human pediatric ovarian tissue after long-term grafting
                • Weijie Yang Long-term Effect of Oocyte Survived from Primordial Follicle with Cyclophosphamide Exposure
                • Maria Costanza Chiti Development of a hydrogel from decellularized bovine ovarian tissue for a transplantable artificial ovary
                • José Maria Soares-Jr Melatonin effect on cryopreserved ovarian tissue
                • Claudia Giachini Optimization of the laboratory protocol for the ovarian tissue cryopreservation
                • Margarita Bakleicheva Immunohistochemical patterns of Vitamin D effects on successful implantation
                • Marta Hentschke Fresh versus frozen-thawed embryo transfers and the perinatal outcomes
                • Paula Gutierrez Vaginal Lactobacilli spp. and inflammatory biomarkers in pre-menopausal and post-menopausal women
                • Ali Farid Ali The Impact of Artificial intelligence on Farid’s updated innovation in Reproduction
                • Lara Tiranini Autoimmune screening: our experience in a sample of infertile women
                • Taisiia Yurchuk Insulin-like Growth Factor-I in human oocyte in vitro maturation
                • Svetlana Dubrovina The differences of eutopic and ectopic endometrium of women with endometriomas and normal endometrium
                • Xin Huang Different Proteomics Analysis Indicates Metformin as a Novel Therapy to Ameliorate Endometrial Receptivity of Infertile Women with Minimal/mild Endometriosis
                • Laura Pivazyan Management of women with ovarian endometrioma and infertility: surgery or IVF?
                • Belma Gozde GİRGİN Catamenial pneumothorax
                • Fabio Barra Pretreatment with dienogest in women with endometriosis undergoing in vitro-fertilization after a previous failed cycle
                • Olexandr Feskov Application of platelet-rich plasma in assisted reproductive techniques: ovarian rejuvenation therapy

                HALL 1 GREM Oral Presentation 08:00–08:00
                Endometrium, Endometriosis, Adenomiosis,Abnormal Uterine Bleeding,Contraception, Sexuality,Vulva and Vagina (OP10) Gynecology and Contraception

                • Ilya Ivanov The role of epigenetic changes in endometrial polyp’s pathogenesis and recurrence
                • Maja Pusic Discovery of potential biomarkers for peritoneal endometriosis using antibody array approach
                • Chin-Hsiao Tseng Metformin use is associated with a lower risk of uterine leiomyoma in female type 2 diabetes patients in Taiwan
                • Yuliya Kukharchyk The risk of developing uterine fibroids in women of reproductive age with polymorphism of insulin-like growth factors II
                • Akanshi Akanshi Non-Tamoxifen Cystic Atrophy In Post Menopausal Women: Correlation Between Hysteroscopic Appearance of Cystic Protuberance, Serum Estradiol levels And Histopathological Diagnosis.
                • Larisa Suturina Androgenemia is negatively associated with prevalence of uterine fibroids: the results of population-based cross-sectional study.
                • Emilio Diaz Correlation between hysteroscopic findings and pathological anatomy for the diagnosis of endometrial polyps in patients with abnormal uterine bleeding
                • Mitchell Creinin Contraceptive Efficacy and Bleeding Pattern of a New COC containing Estetrol 15 mg and Drospirenone 3 mg - Phase 3 Trial Results
                • Mitchell Creinin Six-Year Efficacy and Safety of the Levonorgestrel 52 mg Intrauterine System
                • Karine Tokhunts Combination of use of dienogest with LNG IUD Mirena
                • Ariane Ferreira Can hormonal treatment with desogestrel in women with pelvic endometriosis achieve menopause?
                • Huixi Chen Endometriosis: role of epigenetic regulation of Estrogen and Progesterone receptors
                • Lutz Konrad In endometriosis the cell-to-cell contacts during epithelial-mesenchymal transition are intact
                • Moncef Benkhalifa Impact of metabolic and antioxidant treatment on free circulating DNA and it methylation profile in patient with endometriosis
                • Antonio Simone Laganà Characterization of M1 and M2 macrophages in ovarian endometriomas in early and advanced stages of endometriosis: do they contribute to the progression of the disease?
                • Ekaterina Orekhova A connection between adenomyosis and subfertility.
                • Mariami Andguladze A modern alternative for the management of clinical symptoms of adenomyosis
                • Maria Yarmolinskaya Evaluation of the effectiveness of treatment of endometriosis with oxytocin receptor inhibitor on the basis of experimental model of the disease
                • Jia Zheng The Prevalence of Sexual Difficulties in Young Australian Women Aged 18-39
                • Jia Zheng Sex steroids make little contribution to sexual function in reproductive-aged women
                • Luiz Francisco Baccaro Clinical trial with topical use of estrogen, testosterone and vaginal dilator in women with cervical cancer after radiotherapy – evaluation of sexual function.
                • Shairin Romero-Martinez Sexual function in afro-descendant climaterics with severe urogenital symptoms. Assesment with short female sexual funcion index.
                • Vasileios Karountzos Does complete weight restoration and menstrual recovery improves sexual function of female adolescents with Anorexia Nervosa?
                • Aleksandra Novakov-Mikic Erbium Laser Treatment of Episiotomy-Related Complaints – 1 Year Follow-up
                • Velia Redondo-Mendoza Frequency of symptoms of genitourinary syndrome of menopause in colombian afrodescendant women. Assessment using the vulvovaginal symptoms questionnaire
                • Muhammad Rusda The Therapeutic Effect of Nigella Sativa Extract on Female Wistar Rats Vaginal Candidiasis Model
                • Ivanova Angelina Local immune status in chronic cervicitis of a nonspecific etiology
                • Fabio Barra A prospective randomized clinical trial for evaluating the vaginal application of a HYDEAL-D based gel in promoting the restoration of sexual function in the postpartum period: a preliminary analysis

                HALL 2 ISGRE Meet the Experts 08:00–09:00
                Menopause/Osteoporosis (mte04) Vitamin D

                Chairperson/s: Andrzej Milewicz

                • Mark Brincat The Vit D story in reproductive medicine. Seperating the chaff from the wheat
                • Faustino Perez-Lopez Vitamin D supplementation after the menopause: which dosage ?

                HALL 3 FISGE Scholarship Course 08:00–09:00
                Ultrasound in Gynecology and Obstetrics (scholarship04) The peri-menopause: risks and management - reserved to scholarship awardees

                • Bart Fauser Polycystic ovary syndrome, fertility and beyond

                HALL 4 AIGE Corso Superiore di Ginecologia Endocrinologica AIGE 08:00–12:30
                Medically Assited Procreation, Ultrasound in Gynecology and Obstetrics (CORSOAIGE02) Terapie endocrine e fertilità

                Chairperson/s: Antonio La Marca

                • Giovanna Sighinolfi Terapia dell'infertilità da anovulazione
                • Gian Carlo Di Renzo Il sostegno della fase luteale
                • Alberto Revelli L’induzione dell’ovulazione nella PMA

                HALL 5 GYNENDO Scientific Society Symposium 08:00–09:00
                Menopause/Osteoporosis, Brain,Neurological or Psichiatric Disorders and Steroids Optimising Health, Happiness and Wellbeing after menopause ( organized by IMS - International Menopause Society )

                Chairperson/s: Tommaso Simoncini , Susan Davis

                • Tommaso Simoncini Introduction
                • Sunila Khandelwal Optimising health after menopause
                • Pauline Maki Identifying depression and maintaining happiness
                • Rossella Nappi Relationships, sexuality and wellbeing

                HALL 6 GRAAF Scientific Society Symposium 08:00–09:00
                Menopause/Osteoporosis Some important issues to consider in the treatment of menopause (organized by AAPEC - Asociacion Argentina para el estudio del Climaterio

                Chairperson/s: Manuel Noelting

                • Maria Franchina Roles of neuron B and Kisspeptin in hot flashes
                • Blanca Campostrini How to choose the of progestogens in HTM?
                • Rita Caro Is THM good for the heart?
                • Claudia Rey Hormonal contraception in midlife women and bone metabolism
                • Pablo Carpintero Discussion Panel
                • Gustavo Litterio Discussion Panel

                HALL 7 FALLOPPIO Scientific Society Symposium 08:00–09:00
                Metabolic Syndrome and Insuline Resistance, Breast/Breast Cancer Role of epigenetic and endocrine origins in obesity, metabolic syndrome and breast cancer in women (organized by USGE Ukrainian Society of Gynecologists Endocrinologists)

                Chairperson/s: Tatiana Tatarchuk

                • Tatiana Tatarchuk Introduction
                • Tatiana Tutchenko Underestimated role of epigenetic and endocrine origins of metabolic syndrome and obesity in women
                • Nataliia Pedachenko Metabolic syndrome and women’s reproductive health
                • Danis Pomincuk From nipple discharge to intraductal cancer. Reasons, diagnostics and management
                • Serhiy Shurpiak Hypothyroidism and vitamin D deficiency as a breast cancer precursors
                • Anastasia Serbenyuk Distinctions of endocrine regulation in view of post-contusion syndrom

                HALL 8 HIPPOCRATES Scientific Society Symposium 08:00–09:00
                Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Contraception, Endocrine Disruptors, Symposium organized by (FLEG) Federación Latina de Endocrinología Ginecológica

                Chairperson/s: Gustavo Gomez Tabares

                • Gustavo Gomez Tabares Introduction
                • Camil Castelo Branco Endocrine Disruptors
                • Sandra Demayo New perspectives in the treatment of the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
                • Nilson De Melo Contraception and cardiovascular disease

                09:15 Friday 4th

                HALL 1 GREM Symposium 09:15–10:45
                Adolescence (symp01) Adolescence

                Chairperson/s: Vincenzina Bruni , Charles Sultan

                • Stefano Luisi Management of endometriosis in teenagers
                • Laura Gaspari Adolescent and cosmetics: an high risk association
                • Camil Castelo Branco Sexuality and quality of life in PCOS
                • George Creatsas Dysfunctional uterine bleeding during adolescence

                HALL 2 ISGRE Symposium 09:15–10:45
                Brain,Neurological or Psichiatric Disorders and Steroids (symp24) Estradiol, steroid-regulated genes, brain function and behavior: of mice and women

                Chairperson/s: Roberto Melcangi , Michael Schumacher

                • Peter Schmidt Differential effects of estradiol exposure in women
                • Shau-Ming Wei Variations in Sex-Steroid Regulated Genes: ovarian steroid hormones modulate working-memory related brain function in women
                • Jordan Marrocco Cross-species epigenetic signature induced by ovarian hormones
                • Frederick Naftolin (Discussant) Closing remarks

                HALL 3 FISGE Symposium 09:15–10:45
                Brain,Neurological or Psichiatric Disorders and Steroids (symp27) Sleep disorders in women

                Chairperson/s: Roberto Frau , Tamaki Matsumoto

                • Rosalia Silvestri Sleep disorders in pregnancy:maternal and fetal consequences
                • Eus Van Someren Insomnia in women
                • Michelangelo Maestri Vasomotor symptoms and sleep disorders in menopause
                • Stephanie Faubion Sleep and sexual function: is there a connection ?

                HALL 5 GYNENDO Sponsored Symposium 09:15–10:45

                  HALL 6 GRAAF Symposium 09:15–10:45
                  Ethics (symp34) Ethical issues in reproduction

                  Chairperson/s: Jean Michel Foidart

                  • Bruno Imthurn Uterus transplantation – living or deceased donor ?
                  • Joseph Schenker Surrogacy and ovary transplantation: the ethical debate
                  • James Pickar Ethics in medical publishing

                  HALL 7 FALLOPPIO Scientific Society Symposium 09:15–10:45
                  Endometrium, Endometriosis, Adenomiosis,Abnormal Uterine Bleeding, Mioma Adenomyosis and Endometriosis: an update ( organized by the Société Européenne de Langue Française et Allemande de Gynécologie et Obstétrique(SELFAGO/EGGG)

                  Chairperson/s: René Druckmann , Adolf Schindler

                  • Marcel Baeumler Diagnostic accuracy of ultrasound in pelvic and deep infiltrating endometriosis
                  • Jerome Mathis The impact of endometriosis on the outcome of assisted reproductive therapy, role of fertility preservation
                  • Sara Imboden Deep infiltrating endometriosis: options in diagnostic and treatment
                  • Walther Kuhn Endometriosis and ovarian cancer: is there any need for clinical decisions ?
                  • Christian Singer Endometriosis and gynecological malignancies: similarities and distinctions

                  11:15 Friday 4th

                  HALL 1 GREM Symposium 11:15–12:45
                  Adolescence, Neuroendocrinology (symp02) Neuro-Endocrinology/FHA

                  Chairperson/s: Sarah Berga , George Creatsas

                  • Blazej Meczekalski Kisspeptin role in reproductive functions and dysfunctions
                  • Rossella Nappi Sexual dysfunction in functional hypothalamic amenorrhea
                  • Vincenzina Bruni The new functional hypotalamic amenorrheas
                  • Richard Anderson Interactions between kisspeptin and neurokinins in the central control of ovulation

                  HALL 2 ISGRE Symposium 11:15–12:45
                  Medically Assited Procreation (symp19) Recent development in IVF

                  Chairperson/s: Basil Tarlatzis

                  • Ernest Loumaye The use of a novel oxytocin receptor antagonist, nolasiban, prior to embryo transfer: does it help ?
                  • Marco Palumbo Strategies of luteal support in IVF
                  • Bruno Lunenfeld Which patients need LH in addition to FSH

                  HALL 3 FISGE Symposium 11:15–12:45
                  Vulva and Vagina (symp29) VVA/GSM and regenerative gynecology

                  Chairperson/s: Svetlana Vujovic , Nestor Siseles

                  • Angelica L. Hirschberg Local estrogen for treatment of vulvovaginal atrophy in women with breast cancer receiving aromatase inhibitors
                  • Cuauhtemoc Celis-Gonzalez Vaginal health insights views & attitudes in LATAM
                  • Santiago Palacios Should we talk about cosmetic gynecology or it is regenerative gynecology
                  • Eleonora Russo Pelvic floor dysfunction at menopause and throughout ageing

                  HALL 5 GYNENDO Symposium 11:15–12:45
                  Progesterone,Progestins/Sprm (symp07) Progesterone, Progestogens and their receptors

                  Chairperson/s: Jean Francois Arnal , Gian Carlo Di Renzo

                  • Luigi Devoto Progesterone and progesterone receptors protagonist from ovulation to pregnancy
                  • Antonio Cano Progestogens and cancer: lessons learnt from the breast with a message on endometrium
                  • Adolf Schindler Progestogens and immunology

                  HALL 6 GRAAF Symposium 11:15–12:45
                  Endometrium, Endometriosis, Adenomiosis,Abnormal Uterine Bleeding (symp15) Endometriosis’ therapies

                  Chairperson/s: Stefano Luisi , Nicola Pluchino

                  • Costantino Di Carlo The etonogestrel contraceptive implant as a therapy for endometriosis
                  • Felice Petraglia Endometriosis induced pain: the treatment strategy
                  • Tobie De Villiers Medical management of endometriosis, present and future with special reference to MHT in the patient previously diagnosed with endometriosis
                  • Lydia Scemama Endometriosis and the menopause : why the question merits our full attention

                  HALL 7 FALLOPPIO Scientific Society Symposium 11:15–12:45
                  Endometrium, Endometriosis, Adenomiosis,Abnormal Uterine Bleeding, Mioma, Menopause/Osteoporosis, Gynecology & Endocrinology Alliance: surgery or medication? How to puzzle the picture? (organized by Russian Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Russian Society for Reproductive Medicine and Surgery , Russian Association of Gynecologists-Endoscopists ,Russian Endometriosis Society)

                  Chairperson/s: Leila Adamyan

                  • Leila Adamyan Premature ovarian failure: the look into the depth. In vitro activation – can we win ?
                  • Elena Andreeva Endometriosis: an update
                  • Maria Yarmolinskaya Aspects of fertility in women with endometriosis
                  • Galina Chernukha Abnormal uterine bleeding: state of the art
                  • Irena Kozachenko Infertility: IVF or surgery ? Single or together ?
                  • Victoria Kasyan Nature of hot flashes: whom to blame for? Therapeutic targets in hypothalamus

                  15:00 Friday 4th

                  HALL 1 GREM Key Lecture 15:00–15:30
                  Obstetrics (KL02) The human yolk sac, perhaps the most important transient organ

                  Chairperson/s: Peter Chedraui

                  • Frederick Naftolin The human yolk sac, perhaps the most important transient organ

                  HALL 2 ISGRE Key Lecture 15:00–15:30
                  Endometrium, Endometriosis, Adenomiosis,Abnormal Uterine Bleeding, Mioma (KL09) Benign uterus disease and infertility: new approaches. IVF or surgery: when, why and outcome

                  Chairperson/s: Stefano Angioni

                  • Leila Adamyan Benign uterus disease and infertility: new approaches. IVF or surgery: when, why and outcome

                  HALL 3 FISGE Key Lecture 15:00–15:30
                  Estrogens/Serms, Contraception, Menopause/Osteoporosis, (KL07) Why is estetrol a different and safer estrogen: the paradigm for use in contraception and menopause

                  Chairperson/s: Andrea Genazzani

                  • Jean Michel Foidart Why is Estetrol a different and safer Estrogen: the paradigm for use in contraception and menopause

                  HALL 5 GYNENDO Key Lecture 15:00–15:30
                  Adolescence, Ginecological Cancers (KL14) Extending Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination beyond adolescents and after treatment for High Grade CIN

                  Chairperson/s: Gary Ventolini

                  • Antonio Perino Extending human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination beyond adolescents and after treatment for high grade CIN

                  HALL 6 GRAAF Key Lecture 15:00–15:30
                  Neuroendocrinology, Brain,Neurological or Psichiatric Disorders and Steroids (KL11) Dreams and Gender

                  Chairperson/s: Angelica L. Hirschberg

                  • Zipi Dolev Dreams and Gender

                  HALL 7 FALLOPPIO Sponsored Key Lecture 15:00–15:30

                    15:45 Friday 4th

                    HALL 1 GREM Meet the Experts 15:45–16:45
                    Neuroendocrinology, Obstetrics (mte11) Preeclampsia : from pathophysiology to therapy

                    Chairperson/s: Herbert Valensise

                    • Paul Piette Role of progesterone and estradiol in pathophysiology of preeclampsia: an update
                    • Tomoyuki Fujii Role of angiogenic factors in pathophysiology of preeclampsia

                    HALL 2 ISGRE Meet the Experts 15:45–16:45
                    Menopause/Osteoporosis (mte08) Extra gonadal effects of gonadotropins

                    Chairperson/s: Tommaso Simoncini

                    • Tommaso Simoncini Introduction
                    • Mone Zaidi Can we treat postmenopausal osteoporosis and obesity using a single anti-FSH agent ?
                    • Xiaodong Fu Reproductive hormone and cardiovascular disease: the new mechanisms

                    HALL 3 FISGE Meet the Experts 15:45–16:45
                    Menopause/Osteoporosis (mte07) POI

                    Chairperson/s: Nazareth Amala Lovetto

                    • Nick Panay Iatrogenic and spontaneous POI - evidence based management
                    • Svetlana Vujovic Adrenal ageing in premature ovariance isufficency

                    HALL 4 AIGE Sponsored Meet the Experts 15:45–16:45
                    Adolescence, Menopause/Osteoporosis, Neuroendocrinology,

                      HALL 5 GYNENDO Scientific Society Symposium 15:45–16:45
                      Contraception, Medically Assited Procreation, Obstetrics, Global Challenges in Women's Health (organized by IAHR International Academy of Human Reproduction)

                      Chairperson/s: Joseph Schenker

                      • Martin Birkhaeuser Should oral hormonal contraception still be used in the perimenopause ?
                      • Liselotte Mettler Realities in trying to achieve pregnancies if the ovary gets tired, medical and surgical options in 2020
                      • John J. Sciarra Women’s Health services and maternal mortality in low resource settings

                      HALL 6 GRAAF Scientific Society Symposium 15:45–16:45
                      Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Menopause/Osteoporosis, Sexuality, A new outlook on Gynecological Endocrinology issues (organized by Sociedad Argentina de Endocrinología Ginecológica y Reproductiva - SAEGRE)

                      Chairperson/s: Fabian Dario Gomez Giglio

                      • Fabian Dario Gomez Giglio Introduction
                      • Sandra Demayo Stress in the life of women with PCOS: “a silent enemy”
                      • Blanca Campostrini Non Gynecological hormone sensitive tumors and use of MTH
                      • Pablo Osvaldo Carpintero Midlife Sexual Disorders: The role of Aging and Chronic Diseases

                      HALL 7 FALLOPPIO Scientific Society Symposium 15:45–16:45
                      Medically Assited Procreation Updating treatments in Reproductive Medicine (organized by ESG European Society of Gynecology

                      Chairperson/s: Michelle Nisolle

                      • Mark Brincat The role of Vitamin D in Reproductive Medicine
                      • Sven Skouby Aromatase inhibitors (AOI) in ART
                      • Bart Fauser Patient tailored infertility care

                      HALL 8 HIPPOCRATES Scientific Society Symposium 15:45–16:45
                      Adolescence, Androgens, Obstetrics, Different Faces of Hyperandrogenemia (organized by the Latvian Society of Gynecological Endocrinology (LSGE) )

                      Chairperson/s: Ineta Vasaraudze

                      • Ineta Vasaraudze Introduction
                      • Ineta Vasaraudze Challenges with NC-CAH in patient-oriented approach
                      • Violeta Fodina Hyperandrogenic effects on female fertility and pregnancy outcome
                      • Ilze Konrade Different clinical presentations in complete androgen insensitivity syndrome

                      17:15 Friday 4th

                      HALL 1 GREM Symposium 17:15–18:45
                      Menopause/Osteoporosis, Brain,Neurological or Psichiatric Disorders and Steroids (symp26) Neurosteroids and neurogenesis and aging brain

                      Chairperson/s: Richard Anderson , Stephanie Faubion

                      • Michael Schumacher Protective effects of neurosteroids in the aging brain
                      • Roberta Brinton Diaz Identifying Alzheimer's risk at menopause: therapeutic opportunities to prevent or delay Alzheimer's
                      • Regine Sitruk - Ware Nestorone and myelin regeneration
                      • Pauline Maki Protective effects of estrogens in the aging brain

                      HALL 2 ISGRE Symposium 17:15–18:45
                      Rank/Rank L (symp30) Rank from bone to endocrine cancer

                      Chairperson/s: Nicoletta Biglia , Faustino Perez-Lopez

                      • Josef M. Penninger The role of RANKL in controlling physiological tissue remodeling in pregnancy
                      • Antonio Cano Endometrium and Ovary
                      • Eva Gonzales Suarez New therapeutic opportunities for the inhibition of RANK signaling in breast cancer

                      HALL 3 FISGE Symposium 17:15–18:45
                      Estrogens/Serms, Progesterone,Progestins/Sprm (symp08) SERMS and SPRMS

                      Chairperson/s: Felice Petraglia , James Pickar

                      • Jean Francois Arnal Recent advances in the understanding of the mechanisms of action of SERMs
                      • Santiago Palacios The challenge of SERMs
                      • Nathalie Chabbert-Buffet Ulipristal acetate, endometrium and breast
                      • Bruno Mozzanega Ulipristal Acetate and Levonorgestrel in emergency contraception

                      HALL 4 AIGE Symposium 17:15–18:45
                      Endometrium, Endometriosis, Adenomiosis,Abnormal Uterine Bleeding (symp14) Ultrasound evaluation of pelvic endometriosis

                      Chairperson/s: Michelle Nisolle , Tobie De Villiers

                      • Steven Goldstein Can we diagnose endometriosis with ultrasound rather than laparoscopy ?
                      • Caterina Exacoustos Evaluation deep infiltrating endometriosis is a staging of the disease possible
                      • Silvia Vannuccini Endometriosis and cancer: prevention and diagnosis

                      HALL 5 GYNENDO Symposium 17:15–18:45
                      Metabolic Syndrome and Insuline Resistance (symp06) Insulin Resistance / Metabolic Syndrome

                      Chairperson/s: Mark Brincat , Laura Gaspari

                      • Peter Chedraui Obesity during mid-life: why does it impact cardiovascular risk ?
                      • Andrzej Milewicz Metformin and women health - what is new ?
                      • Svetlana Vujovic The role of insulin resistance in benign breast disease
                      • Giulia Palla Fat and metabolic risk in pregnancy

                      HALL 6 GRAAF Symposium 17:15–18:45
                      Contraception (symp11) Dealing with side effects of hormone contraception

                      Chairperson/s: Cuauhtemoc Celis-Gonzalez

                      • Johannes Bitzer Mood
                      • Angelica L. Hirschberg Influence of combined oral contraceptives and the menstrual cycle on sexual function in young women
                      • Gabriele Merki Contraception in women with BRCA1/BRCA2 mutation
                      • Rossella Nappi Headache

                      Saturday 5th December 2020

                      08:00 Saturday 5th

                      HALL 5 GYNENDO Scholarship Course 08:00–09:00
                      Ultrasound in Gynecology and Obstetrics (Scholarship 05) Decision taking in the process of treating female infertility

                      • Bruno Lunenfeld (scholarship05) Decision taking in the process of treating female infertility

                      08:30 Saturday 5th

                      HALL 3 FISGE Meet the Experts 08:30–09:30
                      Adolescence, Brain,Neurological or Psichiatric Disorders and Steroids (mte02) Anorexia nervosa

                      Chairperson/s: Liliana Gazzuola Rocca

                      • Charles Sultan Adolescent anorexia nervosa
                      • Patrizia Monteleone Hormone replacement therapy in patients with anorexia nervosa

                      HALL 4 AIGE Corso Superiore di Ginecologia Endocrinologica AIGE 08:30–14:00
                      Sexuality, Ultrasound in Gynecology and Obstetrics (CORSOAIGE03) La sessualità femminile: aspetti psicologici, endocrini, organici e loro ricadute cliniche

                      Chairperson/s: Vieri Boncinelli , Alessandra Graziottin

                      • Vieri Boncinelli L'identità sessuale femminile
                      • Rossella Nappi Aspetti endocrini della sessualità e loro modificazioni nel corso della vita
                      • Roberta Giommi Anorgasmia nuove attenzioni e nuovi strumenti
                      • Elena Lenzi Vaginismo e desiderio di maternità
                      • Alessandra Graziottin Dolore pelvico: infiammazione e comorbilità

                      HALL 6 GRAAF Scientific Society Symposium 08:30–09:30
                      Menopause/Osteoporosis Actualizaciones en osteoporosis (Symposium organized by Federación Latinoamericana de Sociedades de Climaterio y Menopausia FLASCYM)

                      Chairperson/s: Zully Benitez

                      • Konstantinos Tserotas Osteoporosis and combined and sequential bone anabolics. When to switch to anti- resorptives ?
                      • Alejandra Belardo Vitamin D3, Calcium and exercise for osteoporosis
                      • Nilson De Melo Discussion

                      HALL 7 FALLOPPIO Scientific Society Symposium 08:30–09:30
                      Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Medically Assited Procreation Ovarian dysfunction in reproductive years (organized by SOBRAGE -Sociedade Brasileira de Ginecologia Endócrina

                      Chairperson/s: Sebastião De Medeiros

                      • Sebastião de Medeiros Introduction
                      • Ana Carolina Japur De Sá Rosa Biomarkers of ovarian reserve. Practical approach
                      • José Soares Jr The ovarian and uterine transplantation. Brazilian experience
                      • Edmund Baracat PCOS: metabolic and reproductive syndrome

                      HALL 8 HIPPOCRATES Scientific Society Symposium 08:30–09:30
                      Medically Assited Procreation, Menopause/Osteoporosis, Polycistic Ovary Syndrome, Endocrinology of gender - latest news (organized by SSEG - Serbian Society of the Endocrinology of Gender)

                      Chairperson/s: Svetlana Vujovic

                      • Svetlana Vujovic Transgender heart
                      • Aleksandar Ljubic Ovarian insufficiency - biological therapy
                      • Svetlana Dragojevic Dikic Melatonin- novel approaches in improbving reproduction and general health
                      • Svetlana Spremovic Radjenovic Polycystic ovary syndrome and reproduction

                      HALL 9 GALEN Scientific Society Symposium 08:30–09:30
                      Progesterone,Progestins/Sprm Progestogens in Gynecology and Obstetrics: an up-date. (Symposium organized the European Progestogen Club (EPC)

                      Chairperson/s: René Druckmann , Adolf Schindler

                      • Tommaso Simoncini Clinical implication of progesterone receptor signaling
                      • Sven Skouby What is the optimal luteal support in ART
                      • Wolfgang Kuepker Progestogens and endometriosis
                      • Alfred Mueck Progestogenes and menopause

                      09:45 Saturday 5th

                      HALL 2 ISGRE Symposium 09:45–11:15
                      Breast/Breast Cancer (symp32) Breast cancers and diseases

                      Chairperson/s: Eva Gonzalez-Suarez , Stefanos Zervoudis

                      • Xiangyan Ruan Membrane bound receptors strong associated with breast cancer risk
                      • Piero Sismondi HRT in BRCA mutation carriers
                      • Pierluigi Benedetti Panici HRT in breast cancer survivors

                      HALL 3 FISGE Symposium 09:45–11:15
                      Endocrine Disruptors (symp09) Endocrine Disruptors

                      Chairperson/s: Johannes Bitzer , Nathalie Chabbert-Buffet

                      • Andrzej Milewicz Endocrine disruptors and women health
                      • Charles Sultan Endocrine disruptors and reproduction
                      • Gian Carlo Di Renzo Toxic chemicals in the environment and reproductive outcome
                      • Marco Palumbo Endocrine disruptors and risk of endometriosis

                      HALL 5 GYNENDO Symposium 09:45–11:15
                      Implantation, Obstetrics (symp18) Pre Implantation Factor (PIF)

                      Chairperson/s: Eytan Barnea , Inmaculada Moreno

                      • Nicoletta Di Simone PIF protects against pregnancy loss
                      • Martin Mueller PIF based viable embryo detection in IVF and in vivo
                      • Marco Sbracia PIF diagnostic and therapeutic potential in endometriosis

                      HALL 6 GRAAF Symposium 09:45–11:15
                      Menopause/Osteoporosis (symp23) Menopause : from symptoms to risks

                      Chairperson/s: Suvarna Khadilkar , John Stevenson

                      • Alfred Mueck Oral versus transdermal estradiol- difference beyond cardiovalscular risks
                      • Pauline Maki Hot flashes and cognition: the role of cortisol
                      • Jean Francois Arnal Hormonal treatment and the arterial risk: an integrative view from experimental and clinical studies
                      • Andrea Giannini Advance in E-health: test of an adaptive App to reduce the cardiovascular and metabolic risks for pre-menopause- menopause women

                      HALL 7 FALLOPPIO Scientific Society Symposium 09:45–11:15
                      Implantation Regulation of Implantation (organized by DGGEF - German Society for Endocrinology and Fertility)

                      Chairperson/s: Ludwig Kiesel

                      • Ludwig Kiesel Introduction
                      • Ariane Germeyer Embryo quality and implantation
                      • Ludwig Kiesel Endometriosis and Fertility
                      • Matthias Korell Myoma and implantation
                      • Franziska Wuerfel Role of HLA in implantation

                      HALL 8 HIPPOCRATES Scientific Society Symposium 09:45–11:15
                      Estrogens/Serms, Metabolic Syndrome and Insuline Resistance, Medically Assited Procreation, Ginecological Cancers Practical Gynecological Endocrinology (organized by PSGE Polish Society of Gynecological Endocrinology)

                      Chairperson/s: Blazej Meczekalski

                      • Błażej Meczekalski Introduction
                      • Ewa Wender-Ozegowska Big Baby in diabetic pregnancy ; is still the problem in nowdays perinatology ?
                      • Monika Grymowicz Estrogens and their modulation of pain processing
                      • Agnieszka Podfigurna How to diagnoze and treat hormone-producing ovarian tumors ?
                      • Marek Ruchala Subclinical hypothyroidism in pregnancy
                      • Krzysztof Lukaszuk Moving towards personalized treatment - novel approaches to ovarian stimulation

                      11:45 Saturday 5th

                      HALL 2 ISGRE Key Lecture 11:45–12:15
                      Menopause/Osteoporosis, Brain,Neurological or Psichiatric Disorders and Steroids, Sexuality, (KL05) DHEA: still a mysterious substance - from a pre-hormone to an adrenal regulator

                      Chairperson/s: Frederick Naftolin

                      • Andrea Genazzani DHEA: still a mysterious substance - from a pre-hormone to an adrenal regulator

                      HALL 3 FISGE Key Lecture 11:45–12:15
                      Medically Assited Procreation (KL03) Freeze all for all?

                      Chairperson/s: Joseph Schenker

                      • Basil Tarlatzis Freeze all for all ?

                      HALL 6 GRAAF Oral Presentation 11:45–12:15
                      (OP22) Puberty and Adolescent Gynecology

                      Chairperson/s: Charles Sultan

                      12:30 Saturday 5th

                      HALL 2 ISGRE Symposium 12:30–14:00
                      Menopause/Osteoporosis (symp28) Menopause therapy

                      Chairperson/s: Santiago Palacios , Maurizio Valente

                      • Tommaso Simoncini Metabolic prevention at menopause
                      • Nestor Siseles Cardiovascular risks in climacteric women: when begin the HMT
                      • John Stevenson Is HRT now indicated for the primary prevention of CHD ?
                      • Suvarna Khadilkar Preventing co-morbidities after menopause : a myth or reality ?

                      HALL 3 FISGE Symposium 12:30–14:00
                      Medically Assited Procreation (symp20) Ovarian stimulation

                      Chairperson/s: Marco Palumbo , Bruno Imthurn

                      • Bart Fauser Ovarian stimulation: a key factor in infertility treatment
                      • Basil Tarlatzis Ovarian stimulation for IVF in poor responders
                      • Joseph Schenker Induction ovulation and trombo-embolism
                      • Pedro Barri Progestins for LH supression in ART cycles

                      HALL 5 GYNENDO Symposium 12:30–14:00
                      Brain,Neurological or Psichiatric Disorders and Steroids (symp12) Premenstrual disorders: what we know and what we do not know about the late-luteal enigmatic condition

                      Chairperson/s: Camil Castelo Branco , Rosalia Silvestri

                      • Tamaki Matsumoto To what extent and how is autonomic nervous system activity associated with the diverse psychophysiological symptoms in the premenstrual phase?
                      • Johannes Bitzer Dysmenorrhea and premenstrual disorders
                      • Giovanni Grandi Cathamenial headache and pre-menstrual syndrome
                      • Claudine Domoney Premenstrual disorders, perinatal depression and menopausal syndrome
                      • John Studd Reproductive Depression or bipolar Disorder ?

                      HALL 6 GRAAF Symposium 12:30–14:00
                      Microbioma (symp16) Microbioma

                      Chairperson/s: John J. Sciarra

                      • Lydia Scemama Microbiota, hormones and the genito-urinary-syndrome in menopause
                      • Gary Ventolini Novel discoveries on vaginal microbiome: is there a future role for Lactobacilli therapeutic application ?
                      • Inmaculada Moreno Uterine microbiota in implantation and human pregnancy

                      14:00 Saturday 5th

                      HALL 2 ISGRE Closing Ceremony 14:00–14:15
                      Closing Ceremony

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