Scholarship Course

ISGE is strongly committed in sustaining education young professionals approaching Gynecological Endocrinology. On this basis the ISGE Board decided to organize an educational course held by some of the most known experts in this field reserved to the awardees of the FCP and FCR Scholarships. 

Program of the Course

The scholarship course is reserved to all the awardees of the FCP and FCR scholarships

Scholarship course part 1

Charles Sultan (FR) Puberal maturation and its disorders
Alessandro Genazzani (IT) Insulin signaling and metabolic syndrome
Blazej Meczekalski (PL) The functional hypothalamic amenorrhea
Bart Fauser (NL) Polycystic ovary syndrome and fertility
Bruno Lunenfeld (IL) Decision taking in the process of treating female infertility

Scholarship course part 2

Gian Carlo Di Renzo (IT) The luteal phase defects and early pregnancy loss

Scholarship course part 3

Steven Goldstein (US) Modern evaluation of abnormal uterine bleeding

Scholarship course part 4

Peter Chedraui (EC) The peri-menopause: risks and management

Scholarship course part 5

Mark Brincat (MT) The post-manopausal hormone therapy


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